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“Love Those Who Hate You and Hate Those Who Love You” by Dr. Jené Walker

Do you find yourself giving all your energy to people and things designed to suck your energy away? Leaders, we have to be careful that we’re not so busy trying to:

1) win over the ones who aren’t aligned with the vision and could care less about it or

2) focus so much on the ones who need support that we fail to affirm, recognize, celebrate, and acknowledge those who are keeping our organizations going.

We have to find a balance. The leaders in our organizations are oftentimes on the verge or conforming, transferring, or running out of fuel because they work so hard to show love to us and support the cause.

They come in early and leave late and not because they’re behind in their work. They are “extra” because they care about the good of the organization. You have some church members who serve on every committee. You have some faculty and staff who are at every sporting event. You have business leaders keeping the culture positive and putting out fires that you don’t even know had been ignited. They go “all in” because they don’t know how to go half-way.

Spread the love leaders. But make sure those who serve at the core of the work are getting the love and accolades they need. Flesh needs to be acknowledged even if you’re the type of leader who doesn’t. Now let’s go!

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