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“S T R E T C H” by Dr.J.

Listen! This season requires us to stretch. We have to stretch our eyes to see in the spiritual realm which requires 3-G vision (God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit). We’re stretching beyond surviving into thriving while God exceeds our expectations. Those of us who believe God are called to help those who do not. When you let God stretch your faith to believe Him for abundance, God will use you to bless those who can’t receive abundance in their spirit. When you allow God to stretch your vision, God will enlarge your territory to expand His kingdom through you. When you allow God to stretch your goals from worldly goals to kingdom goals, God will elevate you to elevate Him. S T R E T C H. I’m tired of “taking life as it comes.” I’m in
S T R E T C H mode. It’s stretching season. Pull me as far as You need to pull me Lord. I W I L L S T R E T C H. Dr.J.