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“A Retrospective Look at Our Spiritual Lives” by Dr. Jené Walker

Let Him take you! Because some of us have been in denial about demonic activity in our lives. Some of us thought we were delivered from some things and healed from some things. If you look at the spiritual evidence with open and honest spiritual eyes, however, you know there are some things that still need to be healed and rebuked in your life. We can’t afford to still be oppressed in this season. The judgment in the earth right now is so severe that every believer needs to be “free” this season. Oppression keeps us from seeing the truth. Oppression blinds us from seeing what is happening in the earth realm that is directly influenced by the spiritual realm. It keeps us from seeing how one event is connected to another which is connected to the prophetic Word in scriptures. It keeps you from being able to cast out demons and cover your family with the blood of Yeshua. Go with Jehovah on this reflective spiritual journey. Let Him take you there so you can see with what you’re still struggling. No believer has to struggle with any demonic spirit – addiction, poverty, bitterness, accusation, rejection, nervousness, confusion, schizophrenia. If we are weak, call the prayer warriors and deliverance team ministry. We ain’t playing this season because Jehovah ain’t playing. If you can’t see that something major is going on – from the eclipse to the natural elements to the travesty in government to the hatred and bigotry being unleashed – then you have to know that something has you bound. Rebuke those demons, get your deliverance and get your healing. Every believer of Yeshua needs to be alert and awake in this season.


“Your Come Up is My Come Up…Maybe” by Dr. Jené Walker

Daniel 2:48-49 “Then the king appointed Daniel to a high position and gave him many valuable gifts. He made Daniel ruler over the whole province of Babylon, as well as chief over all his wise men. At Daniel’s request, the king appointed Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego to be in charge of all the affairs of the province of Babylon, while Daniel remained in the king’s court.”

When Daniel got elevated, he requested that his friends be promoted too to advance the kingdom of God. Daniel used his “come up” for his people to “come up.” But what we must understand is that “his people” were praying people. They interceded for Daniel before he went in to see the king and their prayers reached heaven. They didn’t try to ask Daniel why is it that “he” gets to go in and see the king and not them. They understood their role in the sphere of influence and Daniel’s role in the sphere of influence. They didn’t cover Daniel’s spot. They didn’t try to beat Daniel in seeing the king. They didn’t try to interpret visions and dreams like Daniel because they knew that wasn’t their gift. So, Daniel knew that when he brought them up, the kingdom wouldn’t be compromised. We have to be careful who we try to bring with us on our kingdom assignments. Watch how your people respond in captivity and in bondage before you take them in the realm of the king with you. Listen and see who God wants you to bring because the kingdom must be blessed though your graduation, elevation, and promotion. 

“Exposing Judas” by Dr. Jené Walker

I’m praying for our discernment of the Judas spirits in our camps this season. We simply can’t afford to have them close to us. We aren’t supposed to be afraid of Judas because even Jesus knew who Judas was and what Judas was going to do to Him. But once Judas is revealed to us, his purpose in our lives is fulfilled and his spirit has to go immediately in Jesus’s name.

Judas has been on the journey with you all along with something in his heart (e.g., greed, jealousy, envy, covetousness, judgment, speculation, etc.). The devil will use Judas’s heart issues for Judas to turn you over to be crucified while kissing you at the same time.
Stop making allowances for Judas saying, “But I know he/she loves me. Judas has been with me on this journey.” Open up your spiritual eyes.

Tell God you’re really ready to see who Judas is. Tell God to reveal Judas’s position in the SBI (Satanic Bureau of Investigation), spying and reporting and causing undue warfare to come on you. God has already given us several signs (“Why is that perfume being wasted on your feet Jesus? We could have sold that and given that money to the poor!”) but we want to keep giving Judas the benefit of the doubt. Discern! Run! Be as wise as a serpent and as gentle as a dove but RUN! Tell God to remove Judas from your camp right now in Jesus’s name. Jené Elaine Walker

“Lack of Vision or Lack of God’s Presence” by Dr.J.

“When people look at me, if all they see is what I’m wearing [how I look, my outward appearance], it’s something wrong with their vision.” – Kenneth Thomas

I was talking to my son about my desire for people to see or hear the glory of God on me when they see me, my pictures, or hear me speak. My son asked me, “mom is that a gift for people to be able to ‘see’ his glory on you and me?” Wow. That was such a deep question for me that I had to start praying. 

I took him to the story of Moses coming down from Mt. Sinai and he was so white from the glory of God that his crew ran from him. Moses had to put a veil on. I told my son that was a physical and spiritual encounter with God because God came down and passed by Moses and met with him in the tent of meeting. But our encounters are spiritual so it will probably take a person looking through spiritual lenses (a spiritual gift to discern) to see the glory of God on us. 

What do others see when they “see” you? Can they tell that you have been in the presence of God? Is it their lenses that are dirty or your lack of spending time with God? Dr.J.