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“A Message to Our Husbands” by Dr. Jené

God has to be first in your life for you to cover us.

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The Word soothes us. It calms our fears. It covers and washes and purifies us. It transforms us. When Holy Spirit speaks to You, He gives you solutions to every situation in our lives. He gives you godly counsel. He instructs you on how to instruct us and receive help from us. He tells you how we need to be loved. He fills in the gaps where we fall short. He makes your pride subside. We just want to know that you’ve been in His presence.

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Don’t let the enemy lie to you ever again about your spiritual discipline and outward expression of your relationship with Yeshua. It’s powerful and it draws us closer to you by the Spirit. It helps us to connect on another level and another dimension. It makes communicating in the natural that much more pleasant and effective. It opens you up to hear from Jehovah more clearly and it opens us up to hear your vision for us and the family and our ministry and business more clearly. It opens our hearts up more deeply because we trust you as you trust in Jehovah. The devil has lied to you to make you avoid worship and warfare long enough. Anything that draws you closer to God, draws us closer to you.

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“Friends With Benefits? No Thank You.” by Dr. Jené Walker

Friends with benefits? How does it benefit a single wife to be a man’s friend while he has the benefit of coming and going to me and other women as he pleases; using me for my body and all my other assets while I fall deeply in love pretending to benefit from his friendship; giving me the benefit of 6 minutes of painful pleasure which leaves me empty on the inside; giving me the benefit of infections, smells, and diseases; and him getting the upgrade that comes with linking up with a suitable helper while I’m still not getting washed in the water of the Word. What is the benefit of mind games? What benefits are included with late night visits and no public confessions of his feelings for me? What does it benefit a woman to gain a man and lose her soul? And don’t be deceived single wives. It’s only fun or cute for a minute because if we’re believers, we aren’t wired to take this position forever. He created us to be wives.
Friends with benefits? No thank you. I will wait for the benefits of becoming a wife.  Jené Walker

For the audio message, click here: Friends With Benefits? No Thank You.

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“A Love for You” by Dr. Jené Walker

When you walk in faith, love, and obedience, don’t be shocked when God gives you the desires of your hearts. He rewards those who believe He exists and who diligently seeks Him. Don’t grow weary in well doing. Don’t look at how your situation appears in the natural. You have a past, a background, a current situation such as a bankrupt financial issue or a disease that the devil has told you no one will accept about you, renounce the lies of the devil in the name of Yeshua. Do you think that God can’t, no WON’T bless you with a love of your own? Don’t believe the lies of the enemies- statistics and facts and current situations don’t mean anything in the face of the sovereignty of God. Trust God for a love of your own. Someone asked me do I believe that everyone is meant to have someone. I said, “Do you believe that you were meant to have someone?” That’s what matters. Do you believe God can and will do it for you? I believe that God is cooking up something this season for His people. Receive it if you can. Jené Elaine Walker

“Why is My Life in Disarray?” by Dr.J.

Clutter, bills and finances, and disorder and disarray that we vowed to get straight and keep straight…we have to let God fix it now. When we really look at every aspect of our lives in which there is chaos and disarray, we can conclude that it is a relationship deficiency.

Why am I still overspending? 
Why are my bills still past due and out of order? 
Why am I still not managing my time? 
Why am I still too tired to cook and clean and take care of the household? 
Why am I still an unorganized mess? 
Why am I overwhelmed? 
Why? Why? Why?

Don’t panic. Pray. Let God heal you in your areas of weakness. Get closer to God. Take time to study and read His Word. Pray. The closer we are to Him, every area of our lives begins to improve. We begin to exhibit the fruit of the Spirit. We listen to and follow the counsel of the Spirit. When God becomes the priority then everything else begins to fall into place. God even brings order to our disorderly lives. Reflect on this today. Dr.J.

“Wives, Keep It Spicy” by Dr.Jené Walker

Married women (only), rebuke the spirit of frigidity in Jesus’s name. The enemy uses all kinds of lies and deception to separate you and your husband. Don’t let him. Have fun. Minister to your husband in every way. Don’t let any trick of the enemy separate you from him.

God had me to speak over a woman of God on one night and the next night a fire was ignited in her after a long period of drought. When the flames arose, she asked me, “What should I do?” I said for her to begin to praise God, speak in tongues, edify God, and make love to her husband immediately.

While making love to him, speak affirmations, speak passion and attraction and love and commitment. Encourage him. Minister to him. That connection between a husband and wife is more than physical, it’s spiritual and so necessary. Always keep it spicy with your husband. God ordains this connection.  Jené Elaine Walker

“My Spiritual Momentum” by Dr.J.

Lord don’t let me lose my spiritual momentum. We have a great thing going on, me and You Lord. I hear when You whisper. I’m convicted when my flesh wants to show out. You give me a timely Word for Your people. You bless me, You cover me and You protect me from foolishness and plots of the enemy. You orchestrate divine encounters, opportunities, and actions and I follow Your lead. You let me know when seasons are over so that I don’t outstay my welcome. 

Prophecy from my son Jaylen: Jaylen said that Newton’s cradle can be related to my relationship with God. He said that [my spirit] is the sphere on the end and when I initiate the relationship with God through the release of praise, [prayer, fasting, praising, and obedience and faith] it sends a force of spiritual energy through me to God the Father, God  the Son, and God the Holy  Spirit. He said that eventually I will have to release the ball of energy again because the flow will stop if I don’t release my praise. He said that lets me know that for my [momentum] to continue, I have to continue to release praise and glory to God. 

Jesus! Then the Holy Spirit gave me this. The sphere on the other end of the cradle represents every aspect of the natural world that concerns me. The natural events in my life collide with the energy from the triune God and continues to send energy of blessings and divine alignment back to me through the triune God. 

Lord, we’re great together. As a matter of fact, we are a strong force together as we move rapidly toward my destiny and my destiny impacts my life and our relationship. But as my son said, I have a huge responsibility in my spiritual momentum. I must continue to lift Him up and release “me” to Him. Lord, I don’t ever want to lose our spiritual momentum. It drives me closer to You faster. It impacts the events leading to my destiny and in my life. Stay with me God. I need You. I need Your presence. I need the Holy Spirit to maintain our spiritual momentum. Dr.J.