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“You’re Untouchable on the Highway” by Dr. Jené Walker

When we stay on the path of righteousness, the Highway, we are in a secret untouchable place hidden from our enemy the devil and protected in the Spirit from the attacks made by people under the influence of Satan! Those who are evil and unclean can’t even come near you on the Highway. But the thing about being on the Highway is that we must be holy because God is holy. Holiness doesn’t mean we’re perfect and flawless but our hearts are pure and unwilling to compromise for the world. We may be fools when it comes to worldly wisdom but when it comes to directions from the Word of God and instructions from Holy Spirit, we have wisdom and discernment. I’m living, walking, breathing, and operating on the Highway in this season and from now on. I can’t afford not to; can you?


“Stay Behind the Force Field” by Dr.J.

It doesn’t faze me if anyone “comes for” me or my child. When those who are “coming” arrive, God and His angels have already created a force field around us. Our natural opponents can’t see the Force Field so they keep coming. They can’t figure out why they can’t get to us. They hurl attacks, slick comments, disrespect, and even conspiracies and they can’t figure out why the weapons won’t prosper. This Force Field can’t be penetrated.

See some of us peer out from behind our force field and see people on the outside cussing at us, not teaching our children in the classroom, being unfair to us or our family, trying to get over on us, stealing from us, talking about us, conspiring against us on the job, trying to intrude in our relationships and our marriages, and innumerable other attacks. The enemy plants seeds of anxiety and even discord in us. We start to think, I‘m not weak. I don’t have to take this. And then you, from inside the force field, allow those thoughts to penetrate your heart and you step outside the boundaries of the force field to go after your natural opponents. Huh? You came out of the safety and protection of the force field to act in the flesh and get your “natural” opponents back? Pride. See the devil and his demons can see the shield but they know there is a chance in our flesh that we may step from behind the shield and that’s when he can get us- in our flesh. That’s when we become vulnerable – in our flesh. If we could only remember, our weapons are always spiritual and never carnal. Never.

Yesterday, a grown man at a three way stop ‘shot a bird’ at me and Jaylen. I didn’t see it. Jay quickly turned his body around and then quickly faced forward again. I looked in the rear view to see what Jay saw. The man shot a bird at me too. I looked forward. I asked Jay, ‘Did he “shoot a bird at you?” Jay replied, ‘Yea.’ I said, ‘Jay that man is being used by the devil.’ He said, ‘I know mama, that’s why I just turned back around and didn’t do anything back to him.’

That was a victory over our flesh. Both of us literally had to “die to flesh” in that moment. Now we may not win every battle but the victory is so sweet, knowing that Jesus’s example was seen in us. See, through the power of the Holy Spirit (I can’t do it by myself), I’m trying to teach my son that God is our Vindicator. We can never repay evil for evil, no matter how severe the natural circumstances appear. We don’t ever need to come from behind the Force Field. We have to stay in the Spirit. God doesn’t need us to fight these petty battles for Him; He’s too big to need our assistance. If He tells us to fight, it certainly won’t be in our flesh.

Keep coming Satan and his helpers, and you’ll keep bouncing back off us because we’re protected with a Force Field so strong that nothing you do, no matter who you use shall prosper. Dr.J.

Think Three Times About Touching God’s Anointed by Dr.J.

Joshua 5:1 NIV “Now when all the Amorite kings west of the Jordan and all the Canaanite kings along the coast heard how the Lord had dried up the Jordan before the Israelites until they had crossed over, their hearts melted in fear and they no longer had the courage to face the Israelites.”

There are people the enemy wants to use to come against you. He knew he could use them because of the open doors of jealousy, envy, hate, or resentment they have toward you. The enemy schemed against you and plotted your demise. Then Satan planted the seed of the death plan in his chosen people.

But wait, the people never came for you.

When those people started reflecting on the power of God in your life, when they thought about every miracle God has done to bless you supernaturally, and when they recalled how God annihilated the previous group of people who tried to come against you, they no longer had the courage to be used in the enemy’s attack on you.

God doesn’t play when it comes to you. He is your protector and your vindicator. People can see the hedge of protection around you. So they should think twice or maybe even three times about touching God’s anointed. Dr.J.

Its Fasting Season ( Post 11): If I’m Still Going Through Trials What Am I Fasting For by Dr.J.

#FastingDay11 Because you’ve made it for 11 days or a few days during the last two weeks doesn’t mean the attacks will stop coming. Oh noooo. The enemy is about to increase the level of frequency and intensity of his attacks against you – more attacks on the job, at home, in your finances, with people conspiring against you in secret, in your relationship and with your children. “What’s the difference then? Why am I fasting?” I’m glad you asked:

•a hedge of protection around you shielding from the attacks, schemes, wiles, traps, foolishness, and drama

•peace that has you asking the devil, “that’s all you’ve got” in the midst of the attacks

•favor in the midst or fighting

•God fighting for you and you don’t even have to get your hands dirty

•inward, inner transformation so that the attacks don’t even affect you the way they used to

•increase during the attacks

Please believe the fast is not in vain. Don’t let the enemy trick you. God is in control. He sees you. He’s with you. He will honor you during and after this fast because you’re honoring Him. Dr.J.