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“World-Wide Prayer for Marriage” by Dr.J.

There are only a FEW spiritual initiatives that I really push. This one is one of them. I need for you to share this (even privately via inbox) with everyone you know. You can even “tag” every married person you know. Holy Spirit put this on my heart and there is a SEVERE spiritual need for it. Go in your phone’s calendar and set a reminder now entitled “World-Wide Prayer for Marriage” for tomorrow, January 1, 2017 at 6:00 EST (please align your time with EST so we can all pray at the same time!). This “World-Wide Prayer for Marriage” initiative will be launched as led by Holy Spirit. My biggest area of ministry has been for “marriages” (how ironic) more than any other area because of the unprecedented attacks in this area. The prayers of the righteous availeth much. I believe it with everything in me that if everyone of you prays with me about these things concerning marriage, there will be a world-wide breakthrough in God’s marriages.


I’m compelling you to intercede with me. Make THIS go viral. Reblog this post and share it please. Dr.J.


“A Spiritual Breakthrough in Marriages” by Dr.Jené Walker

God is making a mighty move in the entity of marriage! Open your spiritual eyes! The enemy doesn’t want us to “see” the fifty percent who are making it but focuses our attention to the marriage glass that’s half empty. The percentage can increase to our advantage if we would only make God the center of our individual and married lives and learn how to fight the real enemy- the devil.

Real-life married couples are defeating the enemy at his own game of infiltrating and breaking up marriages by “breaking through” his attacks. These couples aren’t perfect but because of their perfect love for Christ, they are winning battles against the devil. The enemy has forged every type of attack you can imagine against these couples but this proves that with God in your marriage, no man and no demon can put your marriage asunder.

It is crucial that God is the center of your marriage. When God is in marriage, God is in family. When God is in families, God is in the church. When God is in the church, God is in our communities! We need marriages to work for communities at large to work. The kingdom needs marriages to work so that more souls are saved through your union.

These couples are blessed and ordained by God-powerful, anointed, beautiful, blessed couples! Be encouraged! God can and will save your God ordained covenant marriage too. Jené Elaine Walker