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“A Time of Restoration” by Dr. Jené Walker 

We are living in a season of increase but we have to truly believe that we can receive it. As a people, we’ve been through an extensive season of punishment for our transgressions and rebelliousness and it is difficult to imagine our season of restoration. The time is now. The time is now for increase so that we can take care of the needy and the poor and the prisoners. The time is now for increase to fund our initiatives to conquer more territory for the kingdom. In the midst of devastation – death of navy men, unjust court decisions, bombings in Manchester, and corruption in government, the body of Yeshua will receive increase. We have lived beneath kingdom standards long enough. The wealth of the wicked has been stored up for us. The time is now for increase, not for us to accumulate wealth for selfish gain and become as the wicked are but for us to use our wealth for kingdom advancement. 

“Financial Increase Will Manifest” by Dr.J.

I haven’t “seen” the financial increase sitting in my bank accounts but I know it’s there. Why wouldn’t it be?

God supplies all my needs and wants.
He increases me spiritually.
He increases my spiritual wisdom.
He increases my supernatural ability to see and hear into the spiritual realm.
He increases my faith through Christ Jesus.
He increases my capacity to give.
He increases my spiritual gifts for the kingdom.
He increased my heart for His people. He enlarged my territory.
He will increase my finances too because He trusts me to obey His Word.
He knows I am blessed just to be able to bless His people.

He wants us faithful now with little so He can trust us then with the overflow of His abundance in every area of our lives. What’s your status? Dr.J. #iGive #DrJ #Blessed #Bless #Obey #Give #Deuteronomy28 #Romans4 #Galatians3

“Mid Year Post Fast Spiritual Check Up” by Dr.J.

We are almost at the mid-year mark after our 1st Annual Corporate Social Media Fast! The Holy Spirit has been pressing upon me to check in NOW! We had hundreds of people fasting with us all over the world. We focused on spiritual warfare and God’s vision for our lives. We wrote in our journal about our commitment to fast and the results we were expecting! This is your post fast mid year spiritual check up!

Where are you spiritually since the fast? What manifestation have you seen since the fast? Have you been obedient in those areas for which you fasted? Have you fasted again since January 2016? Have you operated in our focus fruit of the spirit (i.e., self-control, faith, and peace)? Have you studied the Bible regularly since the fast? Do you apply your memory verses?

That fast was NOT in vain and your life was transformed as a result of your obedience AND sacrifice. We haven’t seen anything yet! We’re almost halfway there. Begin praying NOW for our next fast and the vision for it if God is willing and allows us to fast in 2017! #2017FastDrJ #testimonies #fasting #2016FastDrJ

“We’re Waiting on Manifestation” by Dr.J.

According to Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance manifest means “open, outward; From phaino; shining, i.e. Apparent (literally or figuratively).”

In 2 Kings 6:17 “And Elisha prayed, ‘Open his eyes, LORD, so that he may see.’ Then the LORD opened the servant’s eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.” Elisha prayed to God that what he could see in the spirit realm would be revealed to his servant too. He asked God to open his servant’s eyes so that he could see what was taking place in the spirit realm. Elijah’s servant was fearful and afraid because he couldn’t see and wasn’t aware of what had already been done in the spirit realm.

In the spirit realm, God had already made provision for Elisha. Elisha was looking at the manifestation. The servant was looking at the unpleasant natural situation until God opened his eyes.

God has already made provision for you. You’ve been fasting and praying and seeking God. You’ve been believing God for restoration, healing, deliverance, a spouse, financial blessing, and promotion. God has already gone before you and established the thing in your life. You’re just waiting for it to be made apparent to you. You’re waiting for the “appearance” of your provision. You’re waiting for God to put it out in the open. You’re waiting for God to open your eyes.

While you wait, make sure that doubt, anger, fear, hate, a hardened mind and heart or any other sin has caused an incrustation on your eyes, has blinded you. Paul’s initial sin and hate for Christ and the church caused him to be struck blind with scales on his eyes. Daniel, a man who resolved not to defile himself, had the veil lifted and was able to see visions that no one around him could see. The unseen is happening in the spirit realm, we just have to keep our faces turned to God. God’s Word is true.

My prayer is that God will reveal to you in the spirit realm, the manifestation that’s already right there. You just can’t see it in the natural. Open your people’s eyes in the name of Jesus. Remove veils from Your people’s eyes in the name of Jesus so that we may be able to see what is unseen. I command the scales to fall off the eyes of your people in the name of Jesus. Then God, your people will be able to see in the open. What they’ve prayed for will appear and be apparent! We’re waiting for manifestation God! Dr.J.

Has Your Due Season Been Delayed?

God has been dealing with me spiritually in three areas for the last three weeks:

1) disobedience
2) His will
3) humility

Believers there is no way that three weeks straight God has pressed into me so hard about these three areas just because. This season is approaching an end. Some of us have asked, “Where is the manifestation?” These three areas have held up release for someone:

1) Disobedience is vast but sometimes subtle. God even showed me how we can have thoughts that have become fortresses in our minds. If God is our fortress and strong tower, our imaginations and thoughts that are higher than God have replaced God in our minds. Cast those thoughts down. Having high thoughts is disobedience.

2) His will is the only will in the life of a believer. He wants us to a point at which we have thrown out “my will” completely. We are digging our heels in trying to make situations work and happen for ourselves. He wants us so sold out that we believe, “God, even if you don’t do anything else (prosper, reconcile the relationship, promote, heal my body), I just want your will.” He wants to move forward but you’re holding up progress with “my will” instead of “thy will.”

3) Humility is crucial. Pride can cause you to fall before God can solidify your elevation. Let Him purge you. Let Him get all the pride out before you mess it all up. He says humble yourself before Him and He will elevate you in due season. Have you humbled yourself yet? I heard myself describing how I document my work for my evaluation the other day and God said as plainly as daylight, “Tone that down.” Too much “I, I, I” caused Lucifer to be thrown out of heaven. Be careful of pride. It is sneaky and subtle.

You’ve asked God why hasn’t “it” happened yet…Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you why your due season has been delayed. Is it disobedience, not surrendering to His will, or pride? Dr. J.