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“You’re Untouchable on the Highway” by Dr. Jené Walker

When we stay on the path of righteousness, the Highway, we are in a secret untouchable place hidden from our enemy the devil and protected in the Spirit from the attacks made by people under the influence of Satan! Those who are evil and unclean can’t even come near you on the Highway. But the thing about being on the Highway is that we must be holy because God is holy. Holiness doesn’t mean we’re perfect and flawless but our hearts are pure and unwilling to compromise for the world. We may be fools when it comes to worldly wisdom but when it comes to directions from the Word of God and instructions from Holy Spirit, we have wisdom and discernment. I’m living, walking, breathing, and operating on the Highway in this season and from now on. I can’t afford not to; can you?


“It is Time to Wake Up!” by Dr.J.

I don’t think I understood the spiritual realm until the last five years of my life. God has shown me some things that will scare the living daylights out of your flesh-I mean something awful.

There is a war going on in the heavens. I can literally sense in my spirit that demons and spirits are trying to come for me and angels are fighting them off.

Even while we physically sleep, God is protecting us from attacks. But believers, we don’t have time to be spiritually asleep. It’s time to wake up believers. There is a battle that you have to fight in too. Don’t leave your house, your car, your children without covering yourself and then. My son, my home, my car, and my office are so anointed. When the devil comes in my office raising hell, he leaves with his tail tucked and I haven’t said a word. Why? Because my office, my home, my son, and all my possessions are covered by the blood of Jesus.

Stop leaving yourself uncovered. Stop leaving yourself naked. Start consciously and spiritually participating in the battle. There is a realm that you can’t see but the closer you get to God He will open your eyes. Dr.J.