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“Is He a Counterfeit or the Real Deal?” by Dr. Jené Walker 

The details aren’t our problem. Our sovereign, almighty, all powerful Jehovah will work out all the details. We don’t have time for that. We are supposed to be seeking Jehovah for our kingdom dominion and assignment. Jehovah will orchestrate the meeting with our husbands, the revelation to our husbands that we’re the ones, his preparation, and the geographical location. Don’t worry your pretty little heads about that. Seek Him first and His righteousness. While you wait on Jehovah, let Him prepare your heart and mind for ministry and marriage. Let Him get all the bitterness OUT because it kills marriages. Let Him get all the hurt OUT that destroys trust. Let Him get all the compromise OUT because that shakes fidelity at the core. Let Him get all the deception OUT that causes you to think the counterfeit is real which causes the heart to stray. Let Him get all the disobedience OUT that causes us not to submit to our own husbands in everything. We have work to do while we WAIT. Nonetheless, WAIT. Jené Walker

“A Love for You” by Dr. Jené Walker

When you walk in faith, love, and obedience, don’t be shocked when God gives you the desires of your hearts. He rewards those who believe He exists and who diligently seeks Him. Don’t grow weary in well doing. Don’t look at how your situation appears in the natural. You have a past, a background, a current situation such as a bankrupt financial issue or a disease that the devil has told you no one will accept about you, renounce the lies of the devil in the name of Yeshua. Do you think that God can’t, no WON’T bless you with a love of your own? Don’t believe the lies of the enemies- statistics and facts and current situations don’t mean anything in the face of the sovereignty of God. Trust God for a love of your own. Someone asked me do I believe that everyone is meant to have someone. I said, “Do you believe that you were meant to have someone?” That’s what matters. Do you believe God can and will do it for you? I believe that God is cooking up something this season for His people. Receive it if you can. Jené Elaine Walker

“The Spirit of Delilah”

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Judges 16:18-19 “When Delilah saw that he had told her everything, she sent word to the rulers of the Philistines, ‘Come back once more; he has told me everything.’ So the rulers of the Philistines returned with the silver in their hands. After putting him to sleep on her lap, she called for someone to shave off the seven braids of his hair, and so began to subdue him. And his strength left him.” (For the entire story, see the attachment.)

The Spirit of Delilah

Don’t be deceived by what is happening in your marriage. Spouses are engaged in a spiritual battle. We wrestle not against flesh and blood (See Ephesians Chapter 6). The devil himself has been coming against marriages since Adam and Eve. His strategic plan against marriages is in full effect. Now laws such as legalized gay marriages have been imposed by the kingdom of Satan to come against God’s sacred institution of marriage. The hurts, issues, and attacks that women and men have suffered through and have not been healed and delivered from leaves them open to the wiles of the devil in his attacks against marriages.

So many marriages and relationships are in turmoil right now because of Delilah. Delilah’s character is extremely complex. Let’s explore Delilah the manipulator. First, her relationship with Samson clearly wasn’t based on “love.” Samson was a man of power and status and Delilah was attracted to his power. When wives (or husbands, as a man can have this same spirit) are dealing with other women coming after their husbands, we must be able to recognize that often, the women only want our husbands because they belong to us. Going after something that belongs to someone else (covetousness) empowers the spirit of Delilah and gives her a “rush” to go after someone else’s spouse. The other woman often times seeks something in the affair other than love – they seek power.

Holy Spirit revealed to me that Delilahs who come after married men have a demonic strongman of “control” (in addition to some other sexually immoral demons) with associated demons such as possessiveness, dominance and witchcraft. Dominance is “power and influence over others.” Synonyms for dominance are power, authority, rule, mastery, and control. The task that the enemy assigned to Delilah was to come against a man of God with a calling and purpose in his life. The enemy used her to destroy the assignment and ultimately the man. Think of your spouse’s purpose in life, even if he/she isn’t operating in it. God has revealed to you your spouse’s purpose in the kingdom. Please understand that there is a strategic attack against your spouse’s purpose. The affair isn’t limited to what you can see with your natural eyes. The affair is deeper than that; it is about canceling the purpose and assignment of your spouse.

Delilah’s inner spirit of control enabled the enemy to use her in his assignment against Samson’s purpose. The Philistines were able to use Delilah in their conspiracy against Samson because of her own thirst for power. The text doesn’t suggest that she had to be coerced or urged outside of the initial bribe of eleven hundred pieces of silver from the lords of the Philistines. After she accepted the challenge, the dominance began. She asked Samson to tell her the source of his strength. She pursued him with such influence that his soul was vexed. She pressured him and overpowered him until he gave in.

Delilah’s objective was to “expose” Samson’s secret. Have you noticed that most adulterous relationships don’t remain “hidden?” The other woman/man really and truly wants to expose the secret affair. Although there is a thrill in the secrecy of the affair for a little while, the thrill wears off and in order to achieve that next high, Delilah must provide traces of her involvement with your spouse for you to find. That is when she/he feels most empowered – when the spouse is aware of the indiscretion. Do we play into Delilah’s hands in our response to her tactics? We must always be led by Holy Spirit in not only our response to Delilah but our response to our spouses as well as every action that we take when we discover indiscretions.


“Facebook Live: Prayer for Marriages” by Dr.J.

“World-Wide Prayer for Marriage” by Dr.J.

There are only a FEW spiritual initiatives that I really push. This one is one of them. I need for you to share this (even privately via inbox) with everyone you know. You can even “tag” every married person you know. Holy Spirit put this on my heart and there is a SEVERE spiritual need for it. Go in your phone’s calendar and set a reminder now entitled “World-Wide Prayer for Marriage” for tomorrow, January 1, 2017 at 6:00 EST (please align your time with EST so we can all pray at the same time!). This “World-Wide Prayer for Marriage” initiative will be launched as led by Holy Spirit. My biggest area of ministry has been for “marriages” (how ironic) more than any other area because of the unprecedented attacks in this area. The prayers of the righteous availeth much. I believe it with everything in me that if everyone of you prays with me about these things concerning marriage, there will be a world-wide breakthrough in God’s marriages.


I’m compelling you to intercede with me. Make THIS go viral. Reblog this post and share it please. Dr.J.

“Leave That Marriage Alone!” Dr.J.

Leave that married man and married woman alone. For those of us who have been used by Satan to sabotage marriages through our sensual desires for what belongs to someone else, there will be consequences and repercussions. If we would leave them alone, married people wouldn’t have anyone to be tempted by or with whom they can go astray or anyone to cheat with. If we said, “No!” when a married person approached us, he could learn to be content in his current circumstances. Believe me when I tell you, no good will come of tampering in an institution that God created and ordained. We won’t be blessed by it or from it. And if you so happened to “take someone” from someone else, repent and prepare for your own kind of ugly battles. God is not mocked. Whatever a woman sows, that will she also reap. Focus on God until He sends you your own. Leave that marriage alone. Dr.J. 

“Kingdom Marriage Takeover” by Dr.J.

I was driving and God gave me a vision of hundreds of thousands of kingdom married couples converging at a single point. The point seemed like a stadium sized auditorium. The couples were learning warfare strategies for preserving kingdom marriages and perpetuating the kingdom of God. My Jesus! I have chill bumps. 

The couples were trained by powerful five-fold ministry leaders who specialize in spiritual military combat. When the couples implemented the military warfare tactics as well as trained other couples operating in every walk of life, millions of marriages were saved. Every couple had a platform. Positive marriage pictures and videos with military tactics being taught all over the world saturated the Internet. Kingdom marriages took over social media, churches, communities, jobs, the world. Every post was a message to teach that the “kingdom of heaven is at hand.” The marriage in and of itself acted as salt and light to win souls for Christ. 

Men and women were freed from the spirit of homosexuality, adultery, and lust because every married couple refused to compromise their kingdom marriage and there was no one with whom indiscretions could take place. More kingdom marriages would take place because millions were free from the spirit of homosexuality and adultery and lust and pornography and every manner of sexual immorality. 

Because of the revival in kingdom marriages, children and entire families turned from sin and were saved. As a result of the awakening in kingdom marriages, schools, government, churches, and all other institutions were transformed. 

If you’re up now and if you’re fasting in this upcoming season, I’m compelling you to go hard for kingdom marriages. I’m even praying for heterosexual marriages that came together wrongfully to get a grace reprieve and a covering from God (There will still be consequences any time we disobey the voice and instructions of God). There is a sense of urgency. What a vision! Thank You Holy Spirit. Kingdom married spouses, are you maximizing your kingdom authority? My God look at what will happen when you do. Dr.J.