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“A Thief in the Night” by Dr. Jené Walker

Believers don’t have to worry about the day or the hour or a thief in the night! We do, however, have to watch what’s going on in politics, government, the media and the other mountains. We have to be sober. We have to discern what is happening in each season. When “they” (United Nations, government, media, etc.) say, “World Peace” (Agenda 2030), we know that it is psychological warfare, propaganda, and deception from the enemy himself. How can there be world peace when everyone in the world doesn’t believe in Yeshua and the devil is the prince of the world? How can there be world peace when Gentiles still hate brown people, the chosen people of God with a vengeance. We have to pay attention to everything going on around us this season (i.e., brown billionaires and businesses, lyrics in songs, oppression of brown people, homelessness, decoys in office, etc.). Even in the midst of rumors of war, dominion is still ours. Even in the midst of oppression, believers have power. It is our responsibility to bring each other up and edify each other. We have to be obedient and move when Jehovah says move. We have no excuse not to get everything that God has for us in this season. We have no excuse not to give everything that God has on the inside of us this season. There has been a change in season.


“Stay Off!” by Dr. Jené Walker

Emotions will have us texting and posting some craziness. Emotions will have us leaving when God wanted us to stay. Emotions will have us doubting the dream and vision we know God gave us. Emotions will have us questioning God’s ability to equip someone like us. Emotions will have us rushing toward a premature divorce or marriage. Emotions will have us crying our eyes out about situations over which we know God has control. Emotions will have us cussing instead of blessing and praying. Emotions will have us awake instead of asleep. Emotions will have us spending instead of sowing. Emotions will have us about to lose our minds-happy, lonely, sad, mad, depressed, joyful, lustful. We have to recognize the spirits attached to emotions. If it doesn’t come from the Holy Spirit, then we don’t receive it. Stay off the emotion rollercoaster.

Prayer: We want to be rooted in the stability of You, Lord. God help us to be content and emotional stable regardless of the rollercoaster circumstances of life and love.”


IT’S WAITING SEASON: WE JUST HAVE TO WAIT! Our wait is for a reason! He obviously has more He needs to do in us before He propels us to that next level in love, finances, careers, ministry, healing, and health! Sometimes we want to pout and get upset because it’s taking God too long! We are delaying our own process. We can be certain that God will complete what He started in us. So we can allow the Holy Spirit to WORK or we can wander in the wilderness in rebellion, murmuring, and complaining! I mean, we have to wait any way right? 

So what do we do during our waiting season? Study (His Word daily), Pray, Fast, Tithe, Give, Serve, Love, Obey, Follow (the promptings of the Holy Spirit)! I’m content while I wait, how about you? Dr.J.

“Are You Content With Where God Has You NOW?” by Dr.J.

Contentment is achieved when you agree with God about where He has you right now. God may be working in the spiritual realm on transitioning you out of a season, a job, a relationship, or a location but you are content where you are right now because you’re in agreement with God.
Contentment comes when you totally trust God with your circumstances. As naturally unpleasant as they may seem, you’re content in your current circumstances. 

Contentment requires faith. I can’t be ok with where God has me if I don’t believe that God is sovereign; that God knows what’s best for me; and, that God knows what He’s doing concerning me. If you have contentment issues, check your faith. God is in control. He has your situation under His control too. Dr.J.