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“Glow As You Grow” by Dr. Jené Walker

The enemy will try to shut you down because you haven’t “made it!” There is nothing fake about the gifts, calling, and election on your life. Joseph led like an official while he was in reality, enslaved and he ruled like a king while he was an inmate in prison. And you think you have to fake it? No! Take people’s limits, thoughts, and opinions off of you and dominate! Stop stating quotes because it sounds good. Establish your own precedents. Make your own path. Lead like your life and your people depend on it from right where you are now. Lead like you know what you were called to do. Say, “I’m made for this!” Lead, even when it feels like your “real life” opposes everything you stand for. Lead like you know you already are what God showed you in your visions. Lead like you receive every prophetic word God sent to you. You’re not faking! The facade is that people were silent until they obtained millionaire status and then appeared “great” from the shadows. The facade is that by stealth, leaders grew from minor to mega. The facade is that people only take advice from leaders who are already millionaires. Don’t let the facade fool you. Your glow up is real. You’re legendary now. Just keep glowing even in the midst of your growing. Making it? Oh that’s already done.


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“Work at It With All Your Heart” by Jené Walker

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.” Colossians 3:23 (NIV)

So you don’t feel like it today, huh? You’ve been dealing with some difficult clients and customers. You have your own personal issues going on. You have your own business and you don’t really have to answer to anyone – except God. God says today that even if you’re your own boss, we have a sovereign God to whom we have to give an account. He wants us to acknowledge Him as the Owner and Operator of our businesses. He wants us to have a spirit of excellence as if He were doing our evaluation each day because…He is. Work hard at it. Whatever you do, work as if all your effort is exerted for God Himself. It’s a heart thing. Approach work wholeheartedly today.
Be on time.
Be prepared.
Be organized.
Be in order.
Be efficient.
Be a good steward.
Be of good cheer.
Be loving toward His people, even the difficult ones.
Be respectful of people’s time and money.
Be fair.
Be just.
Be obedient to God’s Word.
Work at it today.
God will reward you. Jené Elaine Walker

“Women in Business, Women of God Women” by Jené Walker

Women who are called to business are still called to ministry. No matter what you do, your mandate is to minister to the people of God about Jesus Christ. Your business is your ministry. How do you represent the kingdom of God in your business? How do you manage your business wisely? How do you manage your time for your family? It is time for the business women of God to use their businesses and wealth for the kingdom of God. This is a kingdom takeover. Write your name in place of “she” in the Bible verse below to affirm how you are a woman in business, but ultimately, a woman of God. Say it daily.

“Jené is like the trading-ships, getting food from far away. Jené gets up while it is still night, and gives meat to her family, and their food to her servant-girls. After looking at a field with care, Jené gets it for a price, planting a vine-garden with the profit of her work. Jené puts a band of strength round her, and makes her arms strong. Jené sees that her marketing is of profit to her: her light does not go out by night. Jené puts her hands to the cloth-working rod, and her fingers take the wheel. Her hands are stretched out to the poor; yes, Jené is open-handed to those who are in need” (Proverbs 30:13-20).

“She gets wool and linen, working at the business of her hands.”Proverbs 31:13

Our businesses are greater than us. Our businesses are our ministries. Stay focused, refocus, or get focused. The kingdom of God is always the priority in our business. We either promote it or we’re teamed up with Satan to destroy it; there is no lukewarm. It is time to go hard for the kingdom. It is worth a vision, mission, goals, and brand realignment. It is worth a business name change. Because nothing is worth gaining this world and losing our souls. Jené Elaine Walkernodirtydealingpurplefinal

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“Manage What You Have” by Dr. Jené Walker

Have you ever evaluated your own ethical and moral principles (which should be aligned with God’s principles) when you’re in a state of stagnancy or experiencing a lack of growth? I know I’m always asking God for increase for what I believe are legitimate kingdom reasons. God has been sustaining me and blessing me but I’m still awaiting manifestation of increase.

In this scripture, God says that business people who first show themselves “faithful” in business transactions, in the execution of commands, in the discharge of official duties, and who are worthy of trust in the management of the least of your business affairs, those are the businesses He can trust with much. “Faithful” is trustworthy and reliable. It means that we won’t participate in dirty deals and fraudulent transactions. We often times want the abundance of more before we’ve proven ourselves to be trustworthy in managing the least. We want more workers, a better team, a larger office space, more clients, and a larger ministry. God says have you been above board in your interactions at this level? Has there been any dishonest gain? Do you schedule appointments and not show up? Has there been unsuspecting fraudulent dealings? How do you treat His people over whom God has given you charge now?

We won’t ever be perfect but when we’re in relationship with Jesus Christ, we will hear Holy Spirit convicting us and telling us not to make that deal, not to sign that contract, not to partner with that unbeliever in business, and not to advertise or even sell that product. We just have to listen and obey. Be just, fair, honest, and have integrity with the least first. Jené Elaine Walker


“No One Buys My Merchandise” by Dr. Jené Walker

Revelation 18:10-11 “standing at a distance for fear of her torment, saying, ‘Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! For in one hour your judgment has come.’And the merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her, for no one buys their merchandise anymore:”

Lord help us, the merchants. We live in the world and the world has a system (Babylon – the world’s system will be judged). In this system, Paul said that every man has to work to eat. But oh woe is the merchant who does business according to the world’s principles. We have to be oh so careful that we don’t do the following:
*own businesses that contradict the Word and Spirit of God
*advertise falsely
*deceive God’s people
*lack integrity and honesty by saying we will do something and not do it
*have unjust scales or prices (is fair market an oxymoron? It can’t be for believers)
*treat God’s people unfairly
*engage in fraudulent behavior
*engage in dirty dealing
*develop a love for money which is the root of all evil
*store up all our riches for ourselves
*have a desire and longing for the things of this world
*become seduced by the world
*become lazy and not approach our business in a spirit of excellence as if we’re working unto God
*neglect submitting to God for Him to purge us regularly and show us the motives of our hearts (because it is easy to go astray)
*compete with each other (God will provide for each of our businesses)
*neglect to align our business principles, missions, goals, standards, processes, procedures, rules, etc. with Godly principles

As we advertise, promote, market, deal, negotiate, buy and sell, merchants we must stay on our faces in surrendering and seeking God for guidance in every action. Hate the world and the things in it. Help us Holy Spirit. Jené Elaine Walker