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“There is No Competition” by Dr.J.

“How many unbelievers did you reach today? 7? Aw man! I only reached 5. I’m going to one up you tomorrow!” What strategies do you use to witness? Who is your target audience? How do you articulate who Jesus is daily? How can I make my witness more authentic? Which territory will you cover? How can we reach more territory? I’m new in ministry, can you mentor me? The Holy Spirit led me to minister about ____. What about you? I don’t feel as comfortable addressing these biblical principles; can you help me? I get nervous when I have to ____; can you help me? How do you align everything you do with the message, “the kingdom of heaven is at hand?” We’re stronger together. Period. So we have to stop allowing the quarrels within us and the external enemy to separate us. Forgive offenses, heal inwardly, and team up for the kingdom. It’s much too serious and urgent in the world for competitiveness, suspicion, and envy IN THE BODY. We aren’t ignorant of the devil’s devices. Let’s pray for each other. Let’s love each other. Let’s help each other. Flaws and all. Let’s compete for soul winning “together” – friendly, loving, kingdom-minded competition only IN THE BODY. Dr.J. 


“Get to the Church” by Dr.J.

Get up and get to the Word today. You’ve been battling all week long. Get to church and get to the Word of God on today. The enemy has already convinced someone that they can stay home and get the Word on your own. The devil is the great deceiver. Get up. Go to church where there will be praising, worshipping, fellowship, believers on one accord, laying of hands, healing, confessions spoken over your life, prayer, and a preached word from the mighty man or woman of God. Get to the sanctuary today. Dr.J.