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“Read the Bible” by Dr. Jené Walker

Maybe this doesn’t apply to you, but it did to me – for a long time. I thank Jehovah for grace.

“We read everything to our children except the Bible. Sometimes we are busy saving the world and others and neglect to minister to our own children. Some of us pray but don’t read the Word. Some of us think it is enough to tell our children about Jesus. We spend what we consider quality time with them, but if we aren’t teaching the principles of the Word, there is no quality. We do movies and dinner and skating and sleepovers and cookouts and bank trips. They are with us everywhere we go. But are we explicitly reading the Word of God aloud to them? Begin now. Here is a regimen we can use:
1. Pray aloud.
2. Read a Bible passage aloud.
3. Discuss the meaning of the passage from both perspectives.
4. Speak confessions, declarations, and renunciations of specific evil spirits aloud.
5. Pray aloud again.
We take the time to do everything else. Do this. Our children’s lives depend on it. For our children to get the Word from church or overhearing adult conversations isn’t enough. It isn’t too late.”

Excerpt From: Dr. Jené “Dr. J.” Elaine Walker. “Meditations for a Surrendered Life.” www.meditationsforasurrenderedlife.com/buy



“Stay Away from Talking Serpents” by Dr. Jené Walker

Your identity is established through Yeshua! Beware feminist spirits which try to lure you into the realm of independence of Jehovah! Your circle needs to be tight and right and equally yoked. Pay attention to your spirit and what it rejects. You can’t receive any and everything from any and everyone – even those who are in leadership but are still babes in Christ. Some people come to you or your timeline like talking serpents to make you desire to know more than God; to make you go beyond the text to philosophies and arguments and logic and worldly movements. Know who you are and whose you are which is revealed in the Word and by the Spirit of God! All other ground is sinking sand.

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“You Get First Dibs” by Dr.J.

“Mama I should come to you more often [for spiritual counseling]. “Son any time- you have first dibs!”

Parents, your children are listening and watching! God gifted us with experience and spiritual wisdom! That’s a perfect and powerful combination for our children to “come to us more often.” I don’t give him any advice that doesn’t come from the Word. I put it on a hip palatable plate and serve it up. Do not let the enemy lie to you about your gift to relate to your child. Use the unadulterated truth (B I B L E) in relatable ways. Even if they depart from truth (B I B L E), they will come back to truth (B I B L E). I declare and decree the release of strongholds and barriers in our children’s lives in Jesus’s name. My son is my best friend. Dr.J.

“Strategic Spiritual Warfare Plan” by Dr.J.

Strategic Spiritual Warfare Plan

Your main focus in life daily has to be on Jesus and getting to heaven. God knows when He is not our main priority. He knows when we have made earthly institutions our primary focus and men our primary focus (including a spouse) and earthly possessions our primary focus. To do so is idolatry… God wants you to turn your heart completely all the way to Him. Pray for your spouse and children. Respect your spouse and children. Love your spouse and children. But do not make their issues your focus. God is your focus and you have a focused prayer life which includes prayer for your spouse and your children. But your primary focus right now is getting closer to Him. 

The plan:

1) pray and meditate – listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit to guide you moment by moment  

2) praise and worship God

3) a concentrated Bible study plan daily to address your specific needs for warfare

4) engage the enemy in spiritual warfare in which you speak confessions of God’s Word over yourself, your spouse, your children and your home daily

5) fast-go a few days with no sweets and meat for example (as led by the Holy Spirit)

6) tithe and make sure you bless others as led by the spirit 

When you seriously add this plan as a daily regimen and integral part of your spiritual life, it leaves no room for stress or worry. Every time you grow weary for a moment, implement one or more of these steps above. You’re going to have to pray without ceasing but you cannot focus on your problems…

If we can’t even follow a daily regimen consistently, how can we expect someone else to be consistent in everything they do for us? Dr.J.