Give it Up by Dr.J.

I know deep down inside you’ve been a little angry or disgruntled with God because He hasn’t done what you’ve asked Him to do yet. We’re about to make spiritual progress and be delivered. All this means is you haven’t truly relinquished your will and surrendered to God’s. Give it up. Give your will over to God in your spirit.

See, it “appears” that you’ve given it to Him because you don’t have the power to change your situation: you can’t make him stay, you can’t make money appear, you can’t make her faithful, you can’t make them promote you, you can’t make your symptoms go away, and you can’t make your child perfect. It seems as if you’ve “willingly” surrendered it to God. But if we gave our will up for God’s, why are we angry or disgruntled in our spirit if we really only want what God wants for us?

We have to want for ourselves what God wants for us even if it isn’t anything remotely close to what we’ve asked. He wants us at a spiritual place of total surrender. Reflect on things you’ve asked God to give you, change, or bless you with. Are any of those things too hard for God? No. Therefore, if He wanted us to have them, He could breathe one breath and it would be so. If it isn’t time or even if it isn’t in His will, we have to be at peace with God’s will. We have to give up our will for God’s divine purpose.

When we feel that irritation in our spirit, it lets us know that we need the Holy Spirit to help us to surrender. Lack of faith plays a part in our disgruntled attitude. How? Because if we really trust and have faith in God, we would know that His will is better than ours. Let’s stop “feigning” surrender and submission and ask the Holy Spirit to help us to really be content with God’s will. Help us give up our great plans for God’s sovereign plan. Give it up!


The Mender of Broken Hearts

Someone’s heart has been broken into thousands of tiny chunks. The hurt caused by a broken heart seems unbearable. The brokenhearted feel all alone even with people all around. Guess what—we have a God who specializes in mending broken hearts. I know that the empty butterfly feeling in the pit of your stomach and the ache in your heart seem impossible to heal. But God will heal you. He will take you and wrap you in His loving arms and show you what it’s like to really be loved.

Are you brokenhearted? How can we separate our hurt from our Healer? Are we delaying our own healing process? God doesn’t allow us to go through hurt without purpose. Yes—even our hurt has purpose. We delay our own healing process and purpose when we try to avenge ourselves, wreaking havoc on those who have hurt us and anyone else in our paths. God says to stop perpetuating our own hurt. He says to let Him be God in the hurtful situations of our lives. He is our Vindicator. He is our Healer. Won’t we take our broken hearts to Him? Hurting people go to God for healing. We don’t hurt other people.

A Wife’s Prayer of Submission by Dr.Jené Walker

I am a wife, and I submit my husband to You, Lord. He has been unfaithful to me in some way, whether it was adultery, or focusing more on the job than on me and the kids, or not helping me with the kids, or pornography, or flirting, or an emotional affair, or verbal and emotional abuse, or in our finances. God, You haven’t released me, so I’m being obedient, and I’m staying.

But God, while I’m here, I know You will still hold me accountable for my unforgiveness, and You won’t even move on my behalf with all this unforgiveness in my heart. I’m tired of withholding my nurturing, my lovemaking, my praise, and my support. I’m tired of hurting, but I’m also tired of operating in the flesh in my marriage.

Create a right spirit in me. If I really listen to my spirit, I will know that I’m not right myself. I need to submit. I need to be quiet. I need spiritual wisdom. I need to be a better steward of our money. I need to care for him first and my children and family and friends after that. Help me focus on You and stop criticizing him. I can’t transform him. Only You can, but I can be obedient to You, Lord, and then You will honor my marriage. My husband and my marriage belong to You, Lord. Jené Elaine Walker

Manifesto For Men, For Kingship by Dr.J.

Men, the enemy hates you. He knows God created you as kings to subdue the earth. Imagine Satan slithering around that garden listening to God give you dominion over the areas he thought belonged to him. He watched you name all the beasts and birds and creeping things. Then he watched God give you a helpmate.

Think about all the strategic attacks Satan has made against men since that time. Men, you are dealing with ancient evil. He comes to your lady and tempts her just like he tempted Eve in the garden. So she challenges your manhood and nags you. Satan makes the gift of kingship feel like an impossible and overwhelming burden so that you literally run from your responsibilities, because he has told you that you don’t measure up and that you can’t reign.

Satan sets up people in the educational system who don’t understand how you learn or who purposely sabotage your educational opportunities. He sets up his people in government to perpetuate injustice to destroy you. He plants in you a male ego that rejects authority, and self-sabotage then aids the enemy in his schemes. He forever has you questioning your identity as a man as you struggle to fit in culturally or overcompensate for a lost or stolen identity.

Satan brings forth Sodom and Gomorrah spirits that have you longing for the same sex or innumerable women or both. He causes you to be bitter and angry because you know there is a king inside of you fighting to come out but you won’t let God elevate you to your throne. You’ve been frustrated by trying to do what only God can.

Satan has you taking a backseat in the church, the place you are truly called to reign, because without your spiritual wisdom, marriages and families suffer. You were called to lead your wife and children to God. Satan has you thinking it’s lame to read the Bible and study it. Satan has you so busy chasing paper that you avoid the words on the only paper that will set you free. Satan makes you wonder, What will my friends think? What will they say when I walk in my true purpose and they know everything about me?

Satan, you have been exposed.

Kings, rise up—not to be perfect, not to be flawless, but to be the kings God created you to be, to be the righteousness of God. Let God elevate you from right where you are. Seek Him like God’s kingdom depends on it, because it does. Teach your sons to be men. Teach them about dominion and kingship. Teach them the Word of God. Expose the enemy, Satan, lurking in schools, courtrooms, and uniforms. Men, when you change, people and situations around you will begin to change. You are kings. You still have dominion through Jesus Christ. Walk in authority and kingship from this moment forward.

It’s Just Something About Her

Esther 2:3-4 (AMP) 3“Let the king appoint administrators in all the provinces of his kingdom, and have them gather all the beautiful young virgins to the citadel in Susa, into the harem, under the custody of Hegai, the king’s eunuch, who is in charge of the women; and let their beauty preparations be given to them. Then let the young woman who pleases the king be queen in place of Vashti.” This pleased the king, and he did accordingly.”

Administrators in all the provinces of King Xerxes’s kingdoms gathered all the beautiful young virgins to the citadel in Susa. Now, let’s say each administrator “gathered” ten women each. That would have been 1,270 women. If they gathered 5 each, that would have been 635 women. If each administrator brought back 1 woman each, that would have been 127 women vying for one spot as queen. How can one woman among hundreds or among one thousand women stand out among the rest of the women of equal beauty and worldly worth? The glory of God and the purpose of God can illuminate a person and cause them to glow so brightly that we are forced to notice.

Contrary to popular worldly belief, external beauty and sexual prowess do not yield permanent attraction. External beauty fades and sexual prowess dissipates but the glory of God is forever. When you are filled with and led by the Holy Spirit and purposed for God’s glory, your spirit will exude God’s glory and draw His favor.

The glory of God is defined by Got Questions (2015) as “the beauty of His [God’s] spirit. It is not an aesthetic beauty or a material beauty, but it is the beauty that emanates from His character, from all that He is.” When God’s glory is upon you, you don’t have to vie for a spot. God will create a spot just for you for such a time as this.

Esther had a lovely figure and was beautiful but I’m sure all the other women the administrators hand picked and gathered were beautiful too. But out of all the young women who were brought to the citadel of Susa, Esther pleased the one person in charge of the harem and gained his favor immediately. She was given seven attendants, special treatment, and she was moved into the best place in the harem. The Glory of God

Has anyone inexplicably moved you to the front of the line? Given you the best seat in VIP when you weren’t VIP? Lavished you with gifts and special treatments without reason?

Now, each of the 127 or more women had a “turn” to go in with the king. She could take anything she wanted with her from the harem to the king’s palace. In the evening she would go in and in the morning she would return to a different part of the harem. However, she would never return to the king again if he didn’t summons her again by name, even after giving up her virginity. Wow…So if you didn’t possess something that was extremely powerful, how would you be different or set apart from all the other women? The Glory of God

When Esther’s turn came for her to go in to the king, Esther was obedient and took with her an item that the king’s eunuch suggested. His counsel was credible so she listened to him. Now, when Esther walked, she won the favor of everyone who saw her, even the other women vying for the same position. The Glory of God

When the king saw Esther, he was attracted to her more than to any of the other women. She won his favor and approval more than any of the other virgins. There was just something about her. The Glory of God

So, he set a royal crown on her head and made her queen instead of Vashti.

When the glory of God is upon you and you have the favor of God, God will go before you to prepare a way for your destiny. His glory will shine so brightly in your life that the world will have to take notice. His glory will illuminate your presence so greatly that people will be drawn to the God in you and not even know what it is. Stop trying to make things happen for yourself by yourself. Stop belittling yourself for temporary fame. Be a queen among queens. But remember, God has enough glory to go around to each and every one of His queens. Leave the modern day harems, inner and outer harems, and let God elevate you to higher levels in Christ. Pray for the glory of God. When people see you, they will say, “There is just something about her.” Let that “something” be the glory of God.

When the Fury Subsides

Don’t make irrational fleshly decisions that you will regret the very next day or sooner…

The flesh will cause us to be so full of pride that
if we don’t get our way immediately or in our timing, or
if someone embarrasses us, or
if we “look foolish” to the world, then
our prideful flesh compels us to make irrational decisions.

The flesh will cause us to make decisions just to “save face” in front of and prove a point to others. “Who does she think I am? No one does this to me!” The flesh will cause us to make a decision to run from situations that God orchestrated for us to grow us. The flesh will cause us to dismiss someone from our lives who God intended to be there.

Do you recognize that spirit of fury when it surfaces inside you? Do you recognize that it is a spirit of the enemy? The enemy wants you to make a decision to delay you from your destiny or to keep you from it permanently. Stay out of your flesh. Stop making decisions in the heat of a spiritual attack. Stop allowing the enemy to cloud your spiritual thinking with fleshly pride.

The enemy also uses people around you to validate the fleshly irrational decision you are about to make and cheer you on. Reflect on times you have been in the presence or counsel of others when you decided to do something crazy. They were inciting you to make the decision for one or more of a variety of reasons: 1) they wanted to see you do something foolish for entertainment, 2) the decision would benefit them personally, or 3) the decision would cause you to fail which is what they secretly desire. Be wary of those around you whose counsel is just as fleshly as your potential irrational decision.

King Xerxes was embarrassed when his wife refused to come to his party so he could showcase her in front of his guests- dignified dignitaries and distinguished guests mind you. So, he issues a royal decree which could not be repealed. His wife, Vashti would never again be allowed to enter his presence.  

After the anger subsides and the decision has been made, the regret seeps in. Will you allow your pride to make you issue a decree that can’t be reversed? Will your tongue issue a check that your mouth can’t cash? When the flesh cools and you begin to operate in the Spirit, you will realize that you have allowed the enemy to use you against yourself. When the fury subsides, you will then remember the spirit. Will it be too late? Stay out of your flesh and in the spirit. This is warfare. We can’t afford to keep making fatal fleshly mistakes.

Esther 2:1 NIV “Later when King Xerxes’ fury had subsided, he remembered Vashti and what she had done and what he had decreed about her.”

“Breaking” Circumstances Can’t Break You

At women’s Bible study, I had a spiritual epiphany. Yes, AGAIN. Two different group leaders mentioned the word “broken.” They both said at different times that there were women in the room who were broken. As I discreetly glanced around the room, I had a spiritual epiphany:

I’m not broken anymore.

But wait… understand this. Some of the things and situations that caused me to be broken before have not changed. But God changed ME. Is that amazing?

The enemy has “spirit washed” us into believing that external “breaking” circumstances have to keep us in a broken state.

My husband left or is cheating or doesn’t love me or wants to leave…I’m broken. I don’t have any money or credit. I’m broken. I’ve never been promoted or my job is undesirable. I’m broken. My children are drinking, doing drugs, and promiscuous. I’m broken. I’m single with no prospects. I’m broken. I have an incurable disease. I’m broken. I’m a single parent or I come from a single parent home. I’m broken.

You can be in physically, mentally, and emotionally breaking situations and not be broken in your spirit. I have to fight in the spirit for God to keep me on this Highway. I have to study and fast and pray and give and obey for God to heal and deliver me. I have to allow the Holy Spirit to transform my life – moment by moment. I exchanged my brokenness, bitterness, and resentment for the peace of God.

Renounce brokenness today. Believers don’t have to remain in a broken state. Your “breaking” circumstances can remain broken and YOU can still be whole. Exchange your brokenness for the peace of God right now. Stop letting Satan and his attacks break you. Dr.J.

Titus 2:7-8 "In everything set them an example by doing what is good. In your teaching show integrity, seriousness and soundness of speech that cannot be condemned, so that those who oppose you may be ashamed because they have nothing bad to say about us."

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