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“You’re Not Sensitive; You  Have a Spirit of Offense” by Dr.J. 

“No you’re not sensitive; you have a spirit of offense,” Holy Spirit said to me. I was deceived by the enemy my entire life; thinking I was just sensitive and it was legitimate to be that way but all along I had a spirit of offense. The lie has been exposed now and I declare and decree that I’m delivered in Jesus’s name. 

The spirit of offense is a deeply rooted and powerful evil spirit. It makes you think everyone is out to get you. That spirit makes it almost impossible to survive in any type of relationship because you get offended by everything your spouse, family or friends do and say. You feel justified in your sensitivity too and you are hardly ever wrong. And in the event someone did intentionally offend you, do you have to take offense? Holy Spirit says, “No. Send the spirit of offense back to hell.” How many relationships have been destroyed because of this spirit? The spirit is a silent killer and it has gone undetected long enough. Ask yourself what about the comment offends you. Get to the root of your issue because it is your issue. Let’s grow and move forward in this spiritual walk. We will not receive another spirit from Satan and we will not allow his spirits to dominate us any more. Dr.J.