“Is He a Counterfeit or the Real Deal?” by Dr. Jené Walker 

The details aren’t our problem. Our sovereign, almighty, all powerful Jehovah will work out all the details. We don’t have time for that. We are supposed to be seeking Jehovah for our kingdom dominion and assignment. Jehovah will orchestrate the meeting with our husbands, the revelation to our husbands that we’re the ones, his preparation, and the geographical location. Don’t worry your pretty little heads about that. Seek Him first and His righteousness. While you wait on Jehovah, let Him prepare your heart and mind for ministry and marriage. Let Him get all the bitterness OUT because it kills marriages. Let Him get all the hurt OUT that destroys trust. Let Him get all the compromise OUT because that shakes fidelity at the core. Let Him get all the deception OUT that causes you to think the counterfeit is real which causes the heart to stray. Let Him get all the disobedience OUT that causes us not to submit to our own husbands in everything. We have work to do while we WAIT. Nonetheless, WAIT. Jené Walker

“Am I Ready to Be a Wife?” by Dr. Jené Walker

There have been times when that “smile” was really a “smirk” because I knew I was right about something and he was wrong. I thank Jehovah for daily sanctification. I thank Jehovah for daily, moment-by-moment transformation. I thank Jehovah for His grace. This isn’t an “us against him” kind of thing. This is a “you and me against the world’s system” kind of thing. PRIDE is what has to be demolished in order for us to be ok with being right – privately. It doesn’t even matter to us if our husband ever knows he was wrong in the situation. Jehovah will complete the work He starts in our husbands just like He will in us. We have to really allow Holy Spirit to humble us and help us not to take offense in situations like this. Our flesh will fight against this every step of the way. “I know I’m right. I’m smart. I run my own company. I make decisions at work. I’m smarter than he is. I make more money than he does.” Pride, pride, pride flee in the name of Yeshua. “Ok honey. I’m in agreement with you because where two or more are unified in His name, Jehovah is in the midst.” Can we humble ourselves to that extent? Of course we can; we have the power of Holy Spirit indwelling us. Are you ready to be a wife? Jené Elaine Walker

“A Love for You” by Dr. Jené Walker

When you walk in faith, love, and obedience, don’t be shocked when God gives you the desires of your hearts. He rewards those who believe He exists and who diligently seeks Him. Don’t grow weary in well doing. Don’t look at how your situation appears in the natural. You have a past, a background, a current situation such as a bankrupt financial issue or a disease that the devil has told you no one will accept about you, renounce the lies of the devil in the name of Yeshua. Do you think that God can’t, no WON’T bless you with a love of your own? Don’t believe the lies of the enemies- statistics and facts and current situations don’t mean anything in the face of the sovereignty of God. Trust God for a love of your own. Someone asked me do I believe that everyone is meant to have someone. I said, “Do you believe that you were meant to have someone?” That’s what matters. Do you believe God can and will do it for you? I believe that God is cooking up something this season for His people. Receive it if you can. Jené Elaine Walker

“A Wife in Your Spirit is Not the Same as a Wife” by Jené Walker

Single wives, put in work for the kingdom of God apart from that man who is not your husband. Your husband will see your goods (gifts) because God will reveal who you are to him. Not anywhere in the instructions of God does the Word tell single wives to put in work for a man in order “to earn” the position of wife. Queens, stop it in the name of Yeshua. You’re doing his work, writing his dissertation, promoting him, helping with house plans, keeping his kids, working in his church like a first lady and you’re not, sexing him (My God today), cooking, cleaning, doing his laundry… STOP. SERIOUSLY (SPIRITUALLY). STOP NOW. Stop giving up all your goods (gifts) to a man who is not your husband. Because God created us to be a “help mate” it is natural for us to “help.” It is a gift. We do it well. We upgrade by design. But if your mate isn’t your husband, it isn’t ordained.

Transfer all those efforts to the kingdom of God apart from that man who is not your husband. God will reveal your gifts to your husband. You are a queen who is married to God in this season – worthy of the crown. Be faithful to God. Wake up to who you are beautiful queen. Wake up queen. Wake up oh beautiful queen. God sees you and knows the desires of your heart. Put in the kind of work that lasts – kingdom work. Wake up queen. I bind the spirits of insecurity, desperation, loneliness, lust, inferiority, and unworthiness in the name of Yeshua. Jené Elaine Walker


“How ‘Not’ to Treat a Woman” by Dr. Jené Walker

Men, it doesn’t matter how many seductive, lustful, adultery, manipulative, Jezebel demons women have. Women are the weaker vessels. So either deliver us from evil through the power of Holy Spirit, or rebuke the spirits in us. But stop using us, taking advantage of us, manipulating us, criticizing us, exploiting us, womanizing us, seducing us, “low rating us,” mistreating us, being condescending toward us, underestimating us, committing adultery with us, playing games with us, being egotistical with us, misleading us, being “down low” on us, deceiving us, and condemning us. And although we will each pay for our own individual sins, God will hold the “head” – the man who is the stronger vessel and who has kingdom authority and dominion – accountable for us. Love and care for a woman today. 

Jené Elaine Walker

“Why Am I Still Single? Wrong Motives” by Dr.J.

“Why do I want a mate?” We have to ask ourselves that question and then ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the motives in our hearts. 

Kingdom marriages (God ordained the marriages for the upbuilding of the kingdom of heaven.) are for the purpose of ministry. So if you’re a believer, you have a greater mission besides fulfilling a desire for companionship. When God connects us with our mates, it is for His ministry and our personal ministry with our families. If we aren’t faithful to His ministry as a single, we won’t just automatically become faithful when we get married. So what do we want a mate for? Are the motives selfish? For sex? For show? For help with finances? Just because we’re lonely? Survey our homes, our finances, our spiritual lives. Do we take care of our business now? Our children now? We have to let the Holy Spirit work on us now. Marriage is a serious ministry and if we want it for the wrong motives, it can end in disaster. We need to be built up in the Lord and so does our mate to be able to handle the attacks that come against marriage because oh Satan is coming. Do a motive check and let God fix the quarrels we’re having on the inside for things we don’t have. Then He can prepare our hearts for a mate. Remember, heaven is the goal through Jesus Christ. Dr.J. 

“Why Am I Still Single? Idolatry!” by Dr.J.

Holy Spirit put singles’ ministry on my heart for the past couple of weeks. I have been interceding for and crying out for singles all over the world. Holy Spirit has given me a few scriptures and topics to explore with singles that I pray will bless you and help you in your single state. Do not despair. God loves us so much and He sees us. He knows the desires of our hearts. He knows what’s best for us. He created time. If we would put our hope and trust in Him and set our minds on heavenly things, we will have perfect peace. God bless singles all over the world and heal their broken hearts. 

We have become so caught up with the idea of a mate or marriage that we’ve lost focus of why we’re really here. We’ve lost focus of the world being a temporary holding place until Jesus returns. Yes. God created us with the desire to have a mate and He even said it is good for us. But we absolutely cannot make anyone, anything, or the idea of anyone or anything into an idol. God knows our hearts. He knows if we’re just going through the motions with Him so that He will give us a mate. Pray and ask Holy Spirit to really and truly transform your heart so that you want God more than anything. We wake up, live, and go to sleep longing for what we don’t have. All our actions and activities are aligned with our desire to have someone. God says no. We must wake up, live, and go to sleep longing for a relationship with Him. One delay in having a mate may be because of idolatry in our hearts. God fix our hearts then give us the desires of our hearts when they are aligned with Your desires. Dr.J.