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You Are the Return On Your Investment by Dr. Jené Walker

Leaders, invest in yourself and in your business. No one knows better than you your areas of need. You can develop your own personalized and individualized educational plan. How was your last evaluation? How was your last self assessment? What are the weakest areas of your business? Sales? Social Media marketing? Content creation? Money management? Identify your needs and design your own customized Professional Growth Plan.

You are the only one holding you back.

Today was an amazingly productive day! I started out with a coaching call and my coach empowered me like no other! Then I met with two business consultants and we started strategic planning for my business. This evening, I have sessions with two coaches about two different aspects of my business.

Professional learning shouldn’t be something mandated by someone else for you. Every leader needs to map out her own growth plan. Assess yourself based on standards! Your income can be your standard. The number of clients or sales can be your standard. We have to be perpetual learners and execute what we learn.

“Attacked Areas Are Your Blessed Areas” by Dr. Jené Walker

I want you to work on shifting your mindset.

Change your mind about your areas of attack.

Think ONLY of everything God is doing for you in those areas and not what the devil is doing to you.

Focus on the blessings, promotions, increase, and elevation only.

Let the devil do what he does as long as you’re not the one attracting in your life by focusing on the negative!

➖The devil will keep using people to come for you and yours.

➕You keep focusing on the people who will love you unconditionally.

➖The devil will keep sending you counterfeit relationships.

➕You stay alert and keep focusing on improving your mindset, knowing your worth, and managing your money and you will attract the love you desire.

➖The devil will keep trying to devour your finances.

✖️You watch God increase you from surviving to abundance.

➖The devil will try to keep you stagnant on your job.

➕You focus on the promotion that’s manifesting now.

You have the power to manifest what you focus on. That’s your job. Don’t focus on the attack. Focus on what you want to attract – love, wealth, promotion…

My God today it’s manifestation time!

“Created To Subdue” by Dr. Jené Walker

Genesis 1:28 AMPC “And God blessed them and said to them, Be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it [using all its vast resources in the service of God and man]; and have dominion over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, and over every living creature that moves upon the earth.”

The resources you need are in the earth and in you! One of the main reasons we aren’t thriving is we don’t know how to subdue! Some of us struggle because we sit back too long waiting for someone to do something for us. It’s in the earth and in you. It’s time for you to use the VAST resources in the earth. What is vast? Vast is “of great extent, quantity; immense, extensive, immeasurable, limitless, king-size! I have three strategies you can use to help you subdue:

1) Tap into the wealth within;

2) Use what’s in your hands; and

3) Use the power of connection!

Don’t continue to wait on God to do what He has empowered you to do! The struggle is over!

“Glow As You Grow” by Dr. Jené Walker

The enemy will try to shut you down because you haven’t “made it!” There is nothing fake about the gifts, calling, and election on your life. Joseph led like an official while he was in reality, enslaved and he ruled like a king while he was an inmate in prison. And you think you have to fake it? No! Take people’s limits, thoughts, and opinions off of you and dominate! Stop stating quotes because it sounds good. Establish your own precedents. Make your own path. Lead like your life and your people depend on it from right where you are now. Lead like you know what you were called to do. Say, “I’m made for this!” Lead, even when it feels like your “real life” opposes everything you stand for. Lead like you know you already are what God showed you in your visions. Lead like you receive every prophetic word God sent to you. You’re not faking! The facade is that people were silent until they obtained millionaire status and then appeared “great” from the shadows. The facade is that by stealth, leaders grew from minor to mega. The facade is that people only take advice from leaders who are already millionaires. Don’t let the facade fool you. Your glow up is real. You’re legendary now. Just keep glowing even in the midst of your growing. Making it? Oh that’s already done.


Do you want this?
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  • To strengthen your relationship with God to the point that your husband begins to appreciate the amazing spiritual transformation in you
  • To win your husband over to Jesus because of the change in you
  • To balance being a phenomenal wife and mother while running an online financial business
  • To make money for your household while you sleep…
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“Juicy Course Creation” by Dr. Jené Walker

Me and God are in the LAB cooking up something amazing for you wives! My God today! I love writing curriculum and making sure each activity aligns with THE WORD and the course objectives! I know you’ve been waiting but it’s not quite done yet but hold on… New Platform, Fresh Oil…


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“Take the Limits Off” by Dr. Jené Walker

Take the limits off. Not even the sky can limit you. This is the season to make millions and billions off of your witty inventions.

  • I see couples teaming up to dominate the business mountain.
  • I see cooking shows together. I see meal preps as a stream of income.
  • I see non profits expanding and dominating in philanthropy.
  • I see couples in music together dominating the music, video, and recording industries.
  • I see income tax businesses soaring with teaching classes throughout the year, seminars, business formations, ebooks, financial planning, etc.
  • I see cleaning businesses signing contracts with multimillion dollar corporations.
  • I see us taking back everything that we let pass us by because we just couldn’t see it.

  • Open your eyes. Begin to dream again. Begin to see your dreams manifest. The millions are in your head and in your hands. Are you seriously going to let your moment pass you by? Burn the midnight oil and get what’s yours. Now let’s go!
  • “Love Those Who Hate You and Hate Those Who Love You” by Dr. Jené Walker

    Do you find yourself giving all your energy to people and things designed to suck your energy away? Leaders, we have to be careful that we’re not so busy trying to:

    1) win over the ones who aren’t aligned with the vision and could care less about it or

    2) focus so much on the ones who need support that we fail to affirm, recognize, celebrate, and acknowledge those who are keeping our organizations going.

    We have to find a balance. The leaders in our organizations are oftentimes on the verge or conforming, transferring, or running out of fuel because they work so hard to show love to us and support the cause.

    They come in early and leave late and not because they’re behind in their work. They are “extra” because they care about the good of the organization. You have some church members who serve on every committee. You have some faculty and staff who are at every sporting event. You have business leaders keeping the culture positive and putting out fires that you don’t even know had been ignited. They go “all in” because they don’t know how to go half-way.

    Spread the love leaders. But make sure those who serve at the core of the work are getting the love and accolades they need. Flesh needs to be acknowledged even if you’re the type of leader who doesn’t. Now let’s go!

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