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“The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand” by Dr.J. 

In everything you do and say today, let “The kingdom of heaven is at hand” resonate in the forefront and background of all your activity. “I can’t talk about Jesus at work!” Maybe not but you can talk “like” Jesus. People need to see Jesus in you. Let everything we do and say promote the kingdom of heaven. I feel a sense of urgency. Are you paying attention to the times? If you scroll down you IG feed or your FB timeline or your Twitter feed, do you feel a sense of urgency? Is Jesus trending or foolishness? What is the focus of the world? Eight million views on a video featuring sheep at the end. How many views can we get about the Shepherd who is coming back in the end for His sheep without a spot or wrinkle? The world needs you to have a sense of urgency today. Dr.J.