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The purpose of this blog is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to unbelievers in partial fulfillment of Matthew 28:19 as well as to educate, empower, and equip believers with tools for using spiritual weapons to win daily spiritual battles against the enemy and for being the salt of the earth and the light of the world.

“Get In Shape for Battle” by Dr. Jené Walker

The mantle of your assignment as wife will bring new dimensions in glory but also in combat. You have to be prepared now. Holy Spirit is your physical trainer now. What is your current spiritual workout regimen? We can’t afford to gain the weight of the world. Read the Word of God and study it every day. Ask Holy Spirit to speak so that you get revelation about the Word. Exercise your spiritual weapons now. When the spirit of depression comes, which muscles will you flex? Psychological warfare? Mental battles in your mind? People being used? Loneliness? Flesh wars are not acceptable at the next level. Are you fighting in the spirit or the flesh now? It’s time. We must workout daily and nightly in order to win the daily battles that we face now but also to prepare for the next level of warfare when God connects us with our husbands in this season. Do you see the warfare taking place in the world right now? We do not live in a vacuum. Everything happening in the world is connected to the spiritual realm. The battles will impact our marriages too. Our marriage is established to impact the spiritual realm. It’s all connected. Get in shape for battle. Everything you’re experiencing now is part of your militaristic training for combat in your marriage.

“A Man With Such Great Faith” by Dr. Jené Walker

Matthew 5:5-8, 10 (AMP) “As Jesus went into Capernaum, a centurion came up to Him, begging Him [for help], and saying, ‘Lord, my servant is lying at home paralyzed, with intense and terrible, tormenting pain.’ Jesus said to him, ‘I will come and heal him.’ But the centurion replied to Him, ‘Lord, I am not worthy to have You come under my roof, but only say the word, and my servant will be healed.’ When Jesus heard this, He was amazed and said to those who were following Him, ‘I tell you truthfully, I have not found such great faith [as this] with anyone in Israel.'”
Kings, where are you who have such great faith? Why is it my king that you accept your lot in life so easily today? Do you have to accept your tormenting, intense, terrible pain? Do you have to sit idly by while our brown men, the chosen people of God continue to be oppressed and enslaved through the penal system or can you believe that Yeshua can say the Word and lives can begin to be transformed? Do you have to sit by while our people struggle in our finances generation after generation after generation or can you tell Yeshua to say the Word? Better yet, Yeshua told you that you will do greater works than even He did. You have the power of Holy Spirit on the inside of you empowering you to heal, lay hands, speak with power and authority. Things that are not will become what you say.
I dare you to pray for such great faith. I dare you to trust God for things that are impossible with man. I dare you to believe God for the promises even now in a world that is dying. I dare you to arise and shine because the glory of God rises upon you right now. You’re looking at the Nazis, the white supremacists, and the right winged groups in fear and in hatred and in inferiority. But God says to you today there is a thick darkness over them but His glory is all over you. He says for you to speak the word and nations, other races, will come to your light. Speak the word and the wealth of the seas will be yours. Speak the word and the riches of the nations and gold and incense will come to you. Speak the word and stocks and bonds in a fallen economy are yours and you will benefit from them. Speak the word and those who oppressed you will begin to rebuild for you. Speak the Word, and even though our people have been struck in anger by God Himself because of our idolatry and disobediene, He will show us favor and compassion.
Kings of great faith, prepare yourselves to receie the wealth of the nations. Any nation that does not serve you will perish and be utterly ruined. Can you dig down on the inside, go beyond mustard seed faith and begin to speak the word with the same authority and power that Yeshua Himself spoke. Speak the word that you are kings and we are queens. Speak the word that our love, legacy, and marriages are healed and protected. Speak the word that the last on earth are about to be made the first on earth. God wants to know can you have the same kind of faith as the centurion. God wants to know if you will speak the word. 
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“The Blessing of Abraham” by Dr. Jené Walker

Kings, have you been waiting on the blessings of God? Have you been feeling like there has to be more than this in the kingdom for you before Yeshua (Jesus Christ) comes back? God are you willing to obey his commands? Yeshua says if you love Him then obey His commands. Yeshua says that He rewards those who believe He exists and who diligently seek Him. God wants to surely bless you. God wants to bless your children. God wants to enable you and your children to take possession of the cities, land, and territories that our enemies took from us. God wants to use you to prepare the kingdom for the return of Yeshua. Are you a man who obeys Jehovah? Are you a man who listens to the instructions from Holy Spirit? Are you a man who is willing to lay down his own life for the kingdom of God? If you are saying, “I am that man” right now, I’m decreeing and declaring the blessings of God over your life right now. Your health is blessed. Your finances are blessed. You’re blessed in your going out and in your coming in. Your home is blessed. Your bank account is blessed. Your career is blessed. Your ministry is blessed. Your business is blessed. Every thing you set your hands to do that is aligned with the will of God for your life is blessed in the name of Yeshua.

“Kings, Burn It On the Altar” by Dr. Jené Walker

Kings, the enemy has you so caught up and distracted with the things in a world that is passing away that you have to check your motives today. Ask yourselves, “Why are we doing what we do? Is Yeshua and heaven our main focus? Do the things we do on a day to day basis align with the main focus? Are we storing up treasures on earth or giving to the needy?” Anything that you’ve made bigger than God has to be burned up on the altar now. Anything that you’ve allowed to cause you to fall into sin has to be burned up on the altar right now. God has finally gotten you the house in the suburbs. If He asks you to leave it, burn it on the altar. God has finally given you stability in your position on the job. If He asks you to leave it and step out on faith in business and ministry, burn it on the altar. You finally have the woman that you just knew would be your wife but God confirmed that the relationship is dead. Burn it on the altar. What if he told you to take everything you own and give it to the poor? You have to be willing to lay it on the altar on top of the wood and hold the match to it. If God doesn’t provide the ram, burn it on the altar.

“Kings, What Will You Sacrifice?” by Dr. Jené Walker

Kings, God wants to know what are you willing to sacrifice in this season? What are you willing to lay down for Him? What is it that you cherish so much in your heart that you’ve given your focus and your attention to? You’ve wanted something or someone so badly and you finally got it. Now God wants to know have you made that thing or that person an idol. God wants to know do those things mean more to you than He does? Are you reading the Word of God more than you’re focusing on the reports that are due at work? Are you developing your relationship with Him more than you’re busy doing ministry? Are you setting your mind on things above or on getting comfortable in this world? This world is coming to an end so a powerful heart check initiative would be to ask yourself, “What am I willing to give up for God?”

“Know Your Worth” by Dr. Jené Walker

Do you know who you are? Do you know whose you are? Do you know how valuable you are? Do you know how strong you are? Do you know how influential you are? Do you know the power on the inside of you? Do you know what you bring to the table? You are worth far more than rubies.

I researched the value of rubies using the International Gem Society (IGS) to get an idea of the value of rubies today. Rubies are some of the most popular gems for good reasons. “As gem-quality examples of the mineral corundum, [rubies] are exceptionally durable and one of the few gem species whose color reaches vivid saturation levels. Fine quality rubies are some of the most expensive gems, with record prices over $100,000 per carat…As of May 2015, the record price for a ruby is approximately 2 million per carat,” according to IGS. A ruby is a valuable gem!

The revelation I got about the scripture, Proverbs 31:10 is that the queen, King Lemuel’s mother, from whose perspective this scripture was written understood the value of rubies. More importantly, the queen understood the value of a virtuous and noble woman for her son the king (prince). The queen asks who can find a virtuous woman for she is worth far more than rubies. There is no question about whether or not a woman worth far more than rubies can be found. You, virtuous woman, are worth far more than rubies waiting to be seen for who you are and to be found, valued, cherished, and appreciated. Do you know your own worth?

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“King, What Has Crippled You?” by Dr. Jené Walker

King, what has crippled you? At no fault of your own, did something happen to you that changed the course of your life and crippled you? Were you born to a mother who was addicted to crack, drugs or alcohol and it changed the course of your life? It impacted your entire educational journey. You were labeled from the moment they read your files. They tested you and of course they said that you were eligible for special education because you processed things more slowly than your peers the same age as you. This crippled you because your perception of yourself was that you would never be able to read eloquently or speak articulately so you lost your crown. Or maybe it was that you were given up for adoption and passed along from foster care to foster care. Unimaginable things happened to you and those things crippled you from ever being able to trust people. You still wake up in cold sweats from nightmares about the things that you suffered through then. Maybe you literally became crippled from some physical ailment or being dropped or being burned or being abused. And because of your disability, you cowered away from some of the positions and other blessings God had for you with your name on it. Jehovah wants you to know that there is still a crown for you. You are restored now. Everything that the locusts stole from you will be given back to you in this season. Shift your perception of yourself and recognize who you are in Yeshua now. Remember who you truly are – royalty.

Women of God are praying for you persistently this season until something breaks free in the atmosphere for you to get what is legally yours. The. Crown. King. Jené Walker