“Attacked Areas Are Your Blessed Areas” by Dr. Jené Walker

I want you to work on shifting your mindset.

Change your mind about your areas of attack.

Think ONLY of everything God is doing for you in those areas and not what the devil is doing to you.

Focus on the blessings, promotions, increase, and elevation only.

Let the devil do what he does as long as you’re not the one attracting in your life by focusing on the negative!

➖The devil will keep using people to come for you and yours.

➕You keep focusing on the people who will love you unconditionally.

➖The devil will keep sending you counterfeit relationships.

➕You stay alert and keep focusing on improving your mindset, knowing your worth, and managing your money and you will attract the love you desire.

➖The devil will keep trying to devour your finances.

✖️You watch God increase you from surviving to abundance.

➖The devil will try to keep you stagnant on your job.

➕You focus on the promotion that’s manifesting now.

You have the power to manifest what you focus on. That’s your job. Don’t focus on the attack. Focus on what you want to attract – love, wealth, promotion…

My God today it’s manifestation time!

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