“Do the Work” by Dr. Jené Walker

Leaders, you should feel a constant pull toward your leadership purpose if you are truly called to lead.

The trials, tribulations and cares of this world aren’t enough to hold you back. However, you have allowed circumstances to sit you down temporarily; to distract you; and, to delay you.

But you can’t stop. Get up and do the work. The work, time and effort seem futile at times but do the work anyway.

You think, “No one is listening; no one is paying attention; no one is changing; no one is being influenced by my leadership.” But nothing could be farther from your truth. Keep doing the work.

Leadership is a difficult concept to conceptualize and to define. It’s something planted on the inside of you, pulling on your purpose; making you continue to try to make a difference; making you continue to build; and making you continue to help the people you were created to help. It’s not about the money but like a money magnet, you will attract wealth and money to you as you lead.

Do. Not. Stop. No matter what, do the work. The fruit of your labor will manifest. The transformation in your tribe will occur. The reward for your work will be awarded to you.

Yes, of course, seek God first. Take care of your family. Get your proper rest. But answer the call. Fulfill your purpose. Complete your assignment. Always do the work.

“The Blind Leading the Blind” by Dr. Jené Walker

I know you’ve heard the saying, “The blind leading the blind!” Leaders, you have to be whole and healed in order to effectively lead your people to a healthy place, toward the vision. I’ve seen leaders come in to the workplace or church and not even speak to or communicate with or meet with the people they lead. I’ve seen leaders shun the people who work for them, cut them off and not receive what they have to say. I’ve observed leaders allow toxic people to corrupt their organizations because they’re too stressed out to address it. If you’re not healthy, the organization won’t be healthy, your people won’t be healthy, and you won’t get them to that healthy place.

This is the season for reflection and transformation. Make the necessary changes in you. It’s time to move forward and move the vision forward. It’s time to get everything God has for us, including our healthy place.

“Take Care of You” by Dr. Jené Walker

I know we are CEOs, GIRL AND GUY BOSSES, and all those other titles! I know we’re branding and trending and building! But I also know that you better take care of you too!

Leaders, have there been days in which you didn’t feel like “mothering,” “fathering,” “entrepreneuring,” or leading anybody?

Whew! Like it takes everything in your power just to get yourself out of bed?

Whenever I get that way, I know I need a realignment. Something is out of whack in me. I have to do a heart check and mind check! And then I have to feed me and care for me based on what I need.

And leaders, we need to make sure we check ourselves regularly so that life doesn’t overtake and overwhelm us.

When your whole life is designed to pour out/impart, make decisions, organize, administrate, superintend, take care of, solve problems, put out fires, regulate, nurture, mediate, and so much more, you had better make sure YOU are in alignment.

You can’t lead people into a healthy place if you aren’t in a healthy place.

I challenge you leaders to take better care of yourselves in every area of your lives. Not only does your family and your tribe need you, but YOU need YOU.

How do you take care of yourself as a leader?