“Honor: Earned or Demanded?” by Dr. Jené Walker

I believe honor is something that leaders earn. Honor is something we teach our tribe and our teams through the way we treat our tribe and through the evaluation of our performance as leaders over time.

I have an amazing book entitled Leadership Lessons of Jesus! It’s juicy so far. I’m still in the early chapters but I have yet to read of Yeshua forcing followers to show Him honor.

I remember working hard for my degrees in Leadership and Curriculum and Instruction. But I also remember when people neglected to call me by my hard earned title, Dr. I remember the very first time it happened. Holy Spirit whispered, “Don’t even try it!” I was humbled through and through before I had an opportunity to respond. Geesh! Humility hurts.

Flesh wants respect and honor and reverence. And even if we truly do deserve it based on our positions and titles, our people have to see that we deserve it. How? I believe I have to teach my tribe how to honor and respect me by the following (to name only a few):

1) Show them the same level of respect. I supervised thousands of teachers with titles or credentials. If you want to be called by your title, honor theirs. Thank God I’m good in that area after he stripped me of pride in 3 seconds. The only title I can’t wait to claim is MRS.

2) Demonstrate competency – consistently. Do you know your stuff? Do you have answers? Are you resourceful? Do you know where to find answers?

3) Be trustworthy and reliable. Insecurity made me double minded at times and double mindedness is not trustworthy. After over 15 years of leadership, God has worked that out in me. Your people have to know they can trust in you consistently.

4) Show you care. I’ve worked under leaders as second in command who asked about my son and me. They showed they care. But I’ve also worked for leaders who would just take, take, take. Do you really care about the people you lead.

How do you feel about honor? Is it demanded or earned?

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