“The Blind Leading the Blind” by Dr. Jené Walker

I know you’ve heard the saying, “The blind leading the blind!” Leaders, you have to be whole and healed in order to effectively lead your people to a healthy place, toward the vision. I’ve seen leaders come in to the workplace or church and not even speak to or communicate with or meet with the people they lead. I’ve seen leaders shun the people who work for them, cut them off and not receive what they have to say. I’ve observed leaders allow toxic people to corrupt their organizations because they’re too stressed out to address it. If you’re not healthy, the organization won’t be healthy, your people won’t be healthy, and you won’t get them to that healthy place.

This is the season for reflection and transformation. Make the necessary changes in you. It’s time to move forward and move the vision forward. It’s time to get everything God has for us, including our healthy place.