“Take Care of You” by Dr. Jené Walker

I know we are CEOs, GIRL AND GUY BOSSES, and all those other titles! I know we’re branding and trending and building! But I also know that you better take care of you too!

Leaders, have there been days in which you didn’t feel like “mothering,” “fathering,” “entrepreneuring,” or leading anybody?

Whew! Like it takes everything in your power just to get yourself out of bed?

Whenever I get that way, I know I need a realignment. Something is out of whack in me. I have to do a heart check and mind check! And then I have to feed me and care for me based on what I need.

And leaders, we need to make sure we check ourselves regularly so that life doesn’t overtake and overwhelm us.

When your whole life is designed to pour out/impart, make decisions, organize, administrate, superintend, take care of, solve problems, put out fires, regulate, nurture, mediate, and so much more, you had better make sure YOU are in alignment.

You can’t lead people into a healthy place if you aren’t in a healthy place.

I challenge you leaders to take better care of yourselves in every area of your lives. Not only does your family and your tribe need you, but YOU need YOU.

How do you take care of yourself as a leader?