“Inspect Before You Connect” by Dr. Jené Walker

Get to know them ”know them.”

Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles and moral uprightness. It is the state of being whole and undivided.

Having integrity is something you have to be intentional about. You have to test yourself regularly and check the motives of your own heart. I had to learn this the hard way. You may not even know there is an issue within YOU until an issue arises WITH YOU. My God I’ve learned the significance of integrity. And I ask God to show me my own heart daily.

Sometimes, we connect ourselves with other leaders who never assess themselves or evaluate their own integrity. It’s a dangerous game!

It’s nothing like exposing your team to a leader who lacks integrity or business principles or scruples. You open yourself and your team up to toxic words, beliefs, erroneous or unethical or behaviors and then you have to go behind them and undo what you’ve done. Or worse! Something happens that can’t be fixed.

Pastors and church leaders, have you ever invited someone in to preach a revival to your flock and you find out that their “revelation” is a little bit off. Now, you’ve exposed the sheep under your shepherding to foolery? Principals, have you ever hired an external consultant to come in and train whom you “thought” had the same educational philosophy and research based strategies to which you subscribe and they taught your team…foolery?

Leaders, it’s the same concept whether you’re leaders in churches, businesses, educational institutions, or corporations. Any and everybody can’t “cover” your people. Get to know them know them before you trust other leaders with your ear or the ears of your people. Your sphere (your sheep) is precious in God’s sight and yours. Guard their hearts. Evaluate, calibrate, and align before they spend time with your people.

“We Want a Monopoly!” by Dr. Jené Walker

90% of millionaires became millionaires through real estate! Subdue the earth! Own!

We are taking it ALL back this season. God gave US dominion in the earth. He told US to subdue the earth. The vast resources in the earth belong to US for the upbuilding of the kingdom of God and for our own prosperity. He told US to be fruitful – productive and PROSPEROUS. Come out of oppression and the lies that it’s not for you to own property and subdue until Yeshua (Jesus) returns for US. It is OUR inheritance. Yes YOU. No matter what you’ve been through, your parents went through, or your grandparents went through, it’s time to subdue and take back what was already yours by birthright as a part of God’s kingdom. We are LENDERS and not borrowers. The kingdom should have a monopoly on land and real estate ownership in the earth. We should OWN the land and the real estate.

What are we waiting for? God supernaturally cancels debt. God supernaturally increases and multiplies. He wants to see YOUR faith. He will meet you where you are. He sees you trying to get your business straight. Now He wants to see YOUR faith. Take over! Subdue. Believe it’s for YOU too.

“It’s Bigger Than You! by Dr. Jené Walker

Has anyone ever just whined and complained to God? Whew!

“It’s not about you Jené! This is about My kingdom. I’m doing something IN YOU so I can do something THROUGH you that has NOTHING to do WITH YOU!”

We can get a little narcissistic sometimes, caught up in who we are and what we want and how we think it should be. You know you have a major calling – for a huge sphere or a small one. But no matter what, pursue. On this journey, that flesh wants the applause, the support, the “Amens,” the connections and the platforms. Do what you do with or without all that. Do it in excellence! Jehovah is working something in you. Believe that. The reward will manifest. You just pursue!

“Put a Demand On Your Prosperity” by Dr. Jené Walker

God said He would. He said it was a part of His plan for you. Anything else that we may be going through financially is not in God’s plan. If we’re struggling, living check to check, unable to fund His purpose in our lives, that’s not the plan. Begin to inquire of Him. Begin to seek Him specifically about the plan. “God if it’s anything we’re doing to cause ourselves to miss Your plan to prosper us, please show us. We want to be alignment with Your plan of prosperity in our lives! Amen!”

“It’s Tax Season!” by Dr. Jené Walker

Leaders, it is so important that we have a knowledgeable registered tax return preparer who keeps abreast of the changing laws (e.g., Salt Agreement, Qualified Business Income, 2106 Changes, Moving Expenses, changes, Personal expenses changes, etc.). What helped me tremendously these past two years is Xero Software (this is not an ad). The first year using the software, I hired a CPA to set it up and manage it quarterly. And this year, she trained me on how to use it. It makes it easier to categorize my finances according to tax laws. Simple right? I know you all are probably far more advanced than me.

Here is how I keep things organized.

Organizational Tips:

  • A Physical File Folder labeled by each month (with monthly bank statements, PayPal statements, cash spreadsheet and receipts printed).
  • My scanned receipts in my myEcon CashFlow Manager App along with mileage. This helps in the event that my hard copy receipts that fade and for additional electronic documentation.
  • Xero Software to connect all applicable accounts, including PayPal (not as user friendly as bank accounts). beginning this year, I reconcile weekly instead of quarterly.

Leadership is not a joke! However, tax season doesn’t have to be stressful. It just requires us to be organized all year long with systems in place!

What other tips do you have leaders? I’m sure you have some awesome ones!

“Honor: Earned or Demanded?” by Dr. Jené Walker

I believe honor is something that leaders earn. Honor is something we teach our tribe and our teams through the way we treat our tribe and through the evaluation of our performance as leaders over time.

I have an amazing book entitled Leadership Lessons of Jesus! It’s juicy so far. I’m still in the early chapters but I have yet to read of Yeshua forcing followers to show Him honor.

I remember working hard for my degrees in Leadership and Curriculum and Instruction. But I also remember when people neglected to call me by my hard earned title, Dr. I remember the very first time it happened. Holy Spirit whispered, “Don’t even try it!” I was humbled through and through before I had an opportunity to respond. Geesh! Humility hurts.

Flesh wants respect and honor and reverence. And even if we truly do deserve it based on our positions and titles, our people have to see that we deserve it. How? I believe I have to teach my tribe how to honor and respect me by the following (to name only a few):

1) Show them the same level of respect. I supervised thousands of teachers with titles or credentials. If you want to be called by your title, honor theirs. Thank God I’m good in that area after he stripped me of pride in 3 seconds. The only title I can’t wait to claim is MRS.

2) Demonstrate competency – consistently. Do you know your stuff? Do you have answers? Are you resourceful? Do you know where to find answers?

3) Be trustworthy and reliable. Insecurity made me double minded at times and double mindedness is not trustworthy. After over 15 years of leadership, God has worked that out in me. Your people have to know they can trust in you consistently.

4) Show you care. I’ve worked under leaders as second in command who asked about my son and me. They showed they care. But I’ve also worked for leaders who would just take, take, take. Do you really care about the people you lead.

How do you feel about honor? Is it demanded or earned?

“Work the Plan” by Dr. Jené Walker

How many of you are working the plan? I don’t know about you but I stared at the plan for a minute. God had to send person after person to motivate me to move into action.

And He is sending me now to inspire you to move! It’s time to move beyond the plan that’s in your head. If it’s in your head, write it and work it at the same time. If it’s written, take action.

We’ve been waiting on God but He has been waiting on us to do the work. To be the plan in action. To execute it. And then as the provisions pour in, we will dominate in our field. Are you ready?

Take an action toward the vision every single day. It’s time.