“As a Woman Thinks, So is She” by Dr. Jené Walker

Proverbs 23:7 (AMPC) “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.”
Why is it important for you to align your thinking with God’s?
As we go through this transformational process and through the journey for taking back our wealth, it is imperative that our hearts and minds are set on God – that He and the kingdom are truly our primary focus. We can’t obtain anything or take anything back if our hearts aren’t right. As God creates a path for us to be in the presence of different people in our varying callings, if we desire money and wealth and promotion and elevation and fancy foods and social lives with people who don’t even like us, we are in for a different kind of fight. God wants us to be vigilant. He wants us to test the spirits (even within us) to see if they are from God. Why do we desire our kingdom worth and wealth back? Why do we desire our ministries? Why do we desire our businesses? Why do we seek out certain connections with people of status? Why do we as women often get caught up in clicks? In this season, beware of the company you keep. Even if God places you at the table with Presidents and CEO’s, do not covet their status and their wealth. Some people that we think can help us go higher, can’t even stand us. They are jealous of us and could care less about helping us go to the next level. We may be blinded by their deception because we desire what they have. God says to stay away from them because as they think secret defiling things about us, that’s who they are – defiled.
Keep your hearts pure and your minds right. As a woman thinks secretly in her mind is a reflection of who she really is.

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