“You are Still a Queen” by Dr. Jené Walker

Your status of queen doesn’t fluctuate based on your single or marital status. Single? Married? Divorced? In limbo? You’re still a queen. Your status of queen isn’t tainted by what you’ve done in your past even up to this morning. You’re still a queen. He isn’t being very good to you right now. You’ve been spat on, urinated on, used up, and abused. You’re still a queen. He cheated on you with multiple women and gave you an awful incurable disease or you got it passed down from your mom. It doesn’t matter. You’re still a queen. Raped by your own father or another family member? Still a queen. Molested by the same sex? You’re still a queen. Barely escaped a homosexual relationship? You’re still a queen. You’re still wallowing in the pig’s pen and haven’t decided if you want to come out yet? You’re still a queen. Don’t say, “But she doesn’t know what I did.” Holy Spirit knows and He says it doesn’t matter. You’re still a queen. And guess what? You’re worthy of royal treatment NOW through Yeshua (Jesus). Hold your head up. Adjust your crown. And know your worth. You’re worth far more than rubies. You are virtuous. You my beautiful sister are a queen.

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