“Know Your Worth” by Dr. Jené Walker

He won’t see your worth until you do. Will it be too late? Sometimes, devaluing you goes past the point of no return; it does irreparable damage to the relationship. But the moment you grasp in your belly how valuable and worthy you are, your whole life will change. Hold on to Yeshua (Jesus). He wants to tell you something so sweet and special about you, something that will change your self-perception forever. Won’t you listen so that you can get the revelation? You are worth far more than rubies.


The devil still tries to make you look in the natural for things to validate your worth. If we continue to look at our lives and our credentials and our looks and our status for worth, the enemy can always make us feel unworthy. There will always be someone else whose life appears to be better than yours. There will always be a prettier woman. There will always be someone with a higher or deeper status that us. The devil knows what to get us to focus on to keep us oppressed. The enemy keeps reminding you that you have a disease and he lies and tells you no one will want you with that disease. So you feel unworthy. You begin to do things to get and keep a man that are beneath you. You begin to debase yourself to get him to love you and want you because you don’t even value you. He tells you that because you’ve been raped or molested or someone performed homosexual acts on you that you’re irreparably damaged goods. He tells you that because your money is low and your credit is bad that you’re a liability. Let’s expose every lie of the devil right now. Rebuke the devil and send every lie back to hell. Our worth isn’t determined by what happened to us, what we did, or what we have. Because we are in Yeshua (Christ Jesus), we are worthy. We are worthy to be praised because we fear Jehovah. We are worthy to be cherished and valued and loved. You are worth far more than rubies. But you’ve got to know your worth for yourself!

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