“You Don’t Deserve Emotional Abuse!” by Dr. Jené Walker

Emotional abuse has gotten categorized as the lesser evil in the abuse family. It is STILL evil and Jehovah didn’t create you to have to deal with it. It is a slow and destructive enemy calculated offense. The devil wants to slowly take you out by wearing your worth down to nothing. Emotional abuse looks like this: She criticizes everything you do. It could be subtle or blatant. He even criticizes how you look – your hair isn’t right, your weight isn’t right, something about your best dish isn’t right. Or, he will compliment other women with characteristics you may not possess. He will refrain from affection or lovemaking (wives). He won’t touch you or even look at you like he admires you any more. She will give you extended periods of the silent treatment or he will ignore you when you talk to him. Emotional abuse is toxic and destructive and you don’t deserve it. Know your worth. You are worth far more than rubies. Men you are kings of the most high King. Know your worth.

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