“Read the Bible” by Dr. Jené Walker

Maybe this doesn’t apply to you, but it did to me – for a long time. I thank Jehovah for grace.

“We read everything to our children except the Bible. Sometimes we are busy saving the world and others and neglect to minister to our own children. Some of us pray but don’t read the Word. Some of us think it is enough to tell our children about Jesus. We spend what we consider quality time with them, but if we aren’t teaching the principles of the Word, there is no quality. We do movies and dinner and skating and sleepovers and cookouts and bank trips. They are with us everywhere we go. But are we explicitly reading the Word of God aloud to them? Begin now. Here is a regimen we can use:
1. Pray aloud.
2. Read a Bible passage aloud.
3. Discuss the meaning of the passage from both perspectives.
4. Speak confessions, declarations, and renunciations of specific evil spirits aloud.
5. Pray aloud again.
We take the time to do everything else. Do this. Our children’s lives depend on it. For our children to get the Word from church or overhearing adult conversations isn’t enough. It isn’t too late.”

Excerpt From: Dr. Jené “Dr. J.” Elaine Walker. “Meditations for a Surrendered Life.” www.meditationsforasurrenderedlife.com/buy



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