“A Retrospective Look at Our Spiritual Lives” by Dr. Jené Walker

Let Him take you! Because some of us have been in denial about demonic activity in our lives. Some of us thought we were delivered from some things and healed from some things. If you look at the spiritual evidence with open and honest spiritual eyes, however, you know there are some things that still need to be healed and rebuked in your life. We can’t afford to still be oppressed in this season. The judgment in the earth right now is so severe that every believer needs to be “free” this season. Oppression keeps us from seeing the truth. Oppression blinds us from seeing what is happening in the earth realm that is directly influenced by the spiritual realm. It keeps us from seeing how one event is connected to another which is connected to the prophetic Word in scriptures. It keeps you from being able to cast out demons and cover your family with the blood of Yeshua. Go with Jehovah on this reflective spiritual journey. Let Him take you there so you can see with what you’re still struggling. No believer has to struggle with any demonic spirit – addiction, poverty, bitterness, accusation, rejection, nervousness, confusion, schizophrenia. If we are weak, call the prayer warriors and deliverance team ministry. We ain’t playing this season because Jehovah ain’t playing. If you can’t see that something major is going on – from the eclipse to the natural elements to the travesty in government to the hatred and bigotry being unleashed – then you have to know that something has you bound. Rebuke those demons, get your deliverance and get your healing. Every believer of Yeshua needs to be alert and awake in this season.

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