“The Devil Can’t Have Your Marriage” by Dr. Jené Walker

It has been hellish I know. The fire has been hot in your marriage and I’m not talking about passion. The attacks have had you on the brink of break up, but if Jehovah Himself ordained you, He’ll sustain you. Be encouraged. But better yet, be vigilant and militant about your marriage. The gates of hell will not, shall not prevail against your God ordained marriage. You’re on the verge of the sweet spot- a place where the two of you are on one accord, swinging at the same enemy at the same time, praying and going to war for each other, connecting sexually to connect spiritually. Hold on. It’s coming. But fight while you’re holding. The devil can’t have your marriage period.

2 thoughts on ““The Devil Can’t Have Your Marriage” by Dr. Jené Walker”

  1. Good morning, beautiful WOG!!! I feel I have completed taking my mind away from God. I use to have my kids and I ready for church, bible study Every Wednesday but I am a nurse and I work 12 hours overnight and I push myself to go on Sundays when I really be tired. I feel I have went astray. What are some options I can do to get myself back in the grace of God? I know my body is the temple. I hope I make sense to you


    1. Hey sis! Make sure you just do it! It sounds simple but you have to make Him a priority. Wake up 30 minutes earlier than your regularly scheduled time and go in your closet and pray! It’s imperative in this season of our lives sis. It’s more important than anything! I pray this helps!

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