“Give Birth” by Dr. Jené Walker 

Holy Spirit said to me, “Give Birth.” I was having a coaching session with an Apostle and we both kept saying that there was something about April and we were only in the month of February (Eruption of Divine Glory). I was looking at my calendar again and it was clear to me. Holy Spirit whispered, “Give Birth.” April is the season for us to give birth! It’s manifestation time. This entire month is the month for YOU to take action toward the dreams and visions that God has given you. There are no excuses this month. There are no hesitations this month. There is no more fear this month. It is time. Period. Give birth. God is going to put His supernatural glory, power, and anointing on all our natural efforts that Holy Spirit tells us to put forth but you must make the efforts this season. Be obedient to Holy Spirit if you can receive this Word in your spirit. Jené Elaine Walker #givebirth

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