“It’s Sweeter with You” by Dr. Jené Walker

“You make everything in my life much sweeter.” Imagine how different life would be without your God ordained spouse. Get back to that “sweet spot” in your marriage today. Today is the day things changed. You have a new season in which to love your spouse better. Keep things new. Keep things fresh. Don’t take for granted that “marriage as usual” is working for you both. Think of every sweet thing about having your spouse- the warmth on the other side of the bed; someone who has your back; someone to zip you in hard to reach places; someone to pick up the kids when you can’t make it; someone to stand in the gap for you when you’re weak; someone to watch a movie or basketball game with; someone to be affectionate with who belongs to you. Don’t think of one old negative thing from the past in this new season. Only think of how your life is much sweeter because you have your spouse. Today is a new day to do your marriage a new way! Think of how you can make your spouse’s life much sweeter. It’s a new season. The old way of doing marriage has passed away. God is doing a new thing in your marriage today in Jesus’s name. Jené Elaine Walker 

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