“Manage What You Have” by Dr. Jené Walker

Have you ever evaluated your own ethical and moral principles (which should be aligned with God’s principles) when you’re in a state of stagnancy or experiencing a lack of growth? I know I’m always asking God for increase for what I believe are legitimate kingdom reasons. God has been sustaining me and blessing me but I’m still awaiting manifestation of increase.

In this scripture, God says that business people who first show themselves “faithful” in business transactions, in the execution of commands, in the discharge of official duties, and who are worthy of trust in the management of the least of your business affairs, those are the businesses He can trust with much. “Faithful” is trustworthy and reliable. It means that we won’t participate in dirty deals and fraudulent transactions. We often times want the abundance of more before we’ve proven ourselves to be trustworthy in managing the least. We want more workers, a better team, a larger office space, more clients, and a larger ministry. God says have you been above board in your interactions at this level? Has there been any dishonest gain? Do you schedule appointments and not show up? Has there been unsuspecting fraudulent dealings? How do you treat His people over whom God has given you charge now?

We won’t ever be perfect but when we’re in relationship with Jesus Christ, we will hear Holy Spirit convicting us and telling us not to make that deal, not to sign that contract, not to partner with that unbeliever in business, and not to advertise or even sell that product. We just have to listen and obey. Be just, fair, honest, and have integrity with the least first. Jené Elaine Walker


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