“How ‘Not’ to Treat a Woman” by Dr. Jené Walker

Men, it doesn’t matter how many seductive, lustful, adultery, manipulative, Jezebel demons women have. Women are the weaker vessels. So either deliver us from evil through the power of Holy Spirit, or rebuke the spirits in us. But stop using us, taking advantage of us, manipulating us, criticizing us, exploiting us, womanizing us, seducing us, “low rating us,” mistreating us, being condescending toward us, underestimating us, committing adultery with us, playing games with us, being egotistical with us, misleading us, being “down low” on us, deceiving us, and condemning us. And although we will each pay for our own individual sins, God will hold the “head” – the man who is the stronger vessel and who has kingdom authority and dominion – accountable for us. Love and care for a woman today. 

Jené Elaine Walker

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