“We Will Eventually Take Off Our Clothes” by Dr. Jené Walker

The fame (in the form of thumbs up and hearts) we get by
1) taking off our clothes and showing our bodies,
2) posting bizarre things in social media, and
3) posting the most radical things to shock people and to get attention
will not last long.

The more we do for fame, attention and money, the more radical we will have to be to keep the momentum going of getting people’s attention. It’s like the effect of taking drugs. Eventually, the same dosage or level of potency won’t be as “effective.” You will have to do more and more drugs- even lacing it or combining drugs until eventually illness or worse, death occurs.

We notice that when we post “normal posts” we don’t get recognition. The number of likes we usually get decreases. So we post a picture of ourselves in a sexy dress. That gets us worldly success for a moment. Then people get bored with us in the sexy dresses. So then we show more cleavage but again, the attention subsides. Now we’re at the point of posting more than “light porn” just for a taste of the world’s instafamous status or Facebook fame. In addition to feeling empty, low, and lonely [deep deep deep down inside- if we’re truthful], we will also suffer the consequences for our sexually immoral and idolatrous sin.

Please adhere to God’s standards for success and not the world’s.
1) Be strong.
2) Be courageous.
3) Move and keep moving.
4) Obey the Word of God.
5) Meditate on the Word of God day and night.
6) Speak the Word and obey it.


We have to let God heal us and make us whole because any time we rebel against His Word to seek the approval of a world that is perishing and going to hell, something is missing… Jené Elaine Walker

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