“Fivefold Ministry: Teacher” by Dr. Jené Walker

Teachers, how will YOU become better students of the Word? How will you encourage others to immerse themselves in the Word and live out the Word? Every opportunity you get you’re teaching about Jesus Christ. Teachers are so passionate about scriptures that sometimes you focus more on the scriptures than on the relationship with Jesus Christ. In teaching, God is the goal and Jesus is the only way. Jesus is a teacher and His authority came from Holy Spirit. Teachers, it isn’t how much we know (how smart and intelligent we are) but how yielded we are to the power of Holy Spirit. It’s about our willingness to deviate from the script and teach what the people need as Holy Spirit leads. We must be careful that we’re not always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of truth. We must make sure we don’t have the spirit of the Pharisees. We can’t be spiritually blind while teaching the blind. If there are hidden mysteries in the Word and if God’s chosen people are the hidden ones, we have to be able to see beyond the text and discern the spirit of the text to find what’s hidden and who’s hidden. We can’t allow our opinions and background to affect how we interpret and teach scriptures. Our constant prayer is for the spiritual gifts of knowledge, wisdom, and discerning of spirits. Pray for creative and innovative ways to teach people with varying levels of comprehension. The spirit of truth in us makes us an annoyance to the falsity in false teachers. Jené Walker

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