“Fivefold Ministry: Evangelist” by Dr. Jené Walker 

Evangelists, how will you make sure to hang out with unbelievers more to spread the gospel of Jesus? The message may include the avoidance of hell but it most definitely includes making disciples for Jesus Christ. The message must be that the kingdom of heaven is at hand. You’re always finding creative ways of making Jesus the topic of conversation. When you make disciples, they make disciples. Each saved one must be used to save one. How will you teach new converts to be the salt and the light. Are you planning mission trips? What is the plan for us to better be salt and light? We have 100,000,000 unbelievers in the USA. Where are the unreached areas in the USA? How do we infiltrate those areas do evangelize? How do we address corporate unbelievers, market place unbelievers, imprisoned unbelievers, political unbelievers, gang affiliated unbelievers? How do we keep the message but change the methodology to relate to each group? How are you relying on Holy Spirit to guide you in evangelism? Jené Walker

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