“Sight Back to the Blind” by Jené Walker

Blind men and women walking are getting their sight back in Jesus’s name. Eyes are opening. The people of God are awakening in Jesus’s name. I renounce spiritual blindness in the name of Jesus. The truth that has been harder to believe than the lies is becoming more palatable. The matrix is being revealed. The whitewashed walls are coming down. Whitewashed walls are collapsing all around us. Systems are violently coming apart. God is sending a refreshing rain and revival that is wearing away the plaster of lies and deception from whitewashed walls. Systems and agendas oxymoronically and deceptively claiming world peace are hurtling down because there is no world peace without the world’s acceptance of Jesus Christ . People are beginning to ask, “Was this dream of a great nation all a lie, a nightmare, or false prophecy?” Jené Walker

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