“You Can’t Quit” by Dr.J. POST 12

Someone was thinking about quitting, falling off this fast. Holy Spirit just said, “You can’t quit.” And stop trying to cut corners… Think about all the things you’ve struggled through in 2016. Remember all the prayer requests. Remember the issues with your spouse. Remember the struggle in your finances. Remember the health issues. Remember the children’s struggles. Remember the job issues. Remember the strategic attacks against you.
See, a fast is a sacrifice. So in a fast, you have to S A C F R I F I C E. This is how it always happens. The enemy comes in like a flood the week before the fast begins. You’ve thought of every excuse this week about why you CANNOT do the fast now. Those thoughts didn’t come from YOU. That “lack of faith” seed was planted by Satan to keep you from your spiritual blessings. Think of every EXCUSE the devil gave you about why you can’t fast and ask yourself, “Is God worthy of my SACRIFICE?” I mean, can’t you inconvenience yourSELF for ONLY 21-days of this entire 365 days of the 2017 year? Come on now people of God…We can’t afford to quit after all the hell we’ve been through. We NEED to exercise this spiritual discipline. We NEED to have faith that we can do it. We NEED to stay committed to what we committed ourselves for God. We NEED this spiritual blessing. Dr.J. #2017FastAwakening”

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