“Call to Prayer” by Dr. J. 

This is a call to unite all prayer warriors across the world. Be on post today, all day, even if you’re at work. If you can’t pray aloud pray silently. If you can’t speak in tongues aloud, speak in tongues silently. If you can’t confess the Word aloud, confess the Word silently. We are interceding for the following: attacks on the mind, marriages, diseases and illnesses (healing and restoration) renouncing sexual immorality especially adultery and the spirit of homosexuality, economic warfare for attacks against our finances, government and every government official and the president to hear and obey the voice of God and for their salvation, the unbelievers to come to Christ, believers to wake up and to use their weapons of warfare, peace for the people of God, for the Hebrew nation to wake up and see their identity, cancel attacks of the devil in the name of Jesus (if you’re in right standing with God), for the kingdom of God to come, pray for the spiritual gifts of believers, for the 2017 Fasts across the nation, and pray for a spiritual awakening and revival. 

Do this on one accord today, no matter what time you see this message. Believe God to move on our behalf in Jesus’s name. Dr.J. 

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