“Where Did My Power Go?” by Dr.J.

Oh we are not unaware of the loss of our anointing. Anointing isn’t manifested in applause. No. Anointing is manifested in the transforming of lives; of yokes and strongholds being destroyed. If we’re honest, we know when we’ve lost the anointing power of Holy Spirit. We know when we’re performing versus transforming. We know when we are filled with and empowered by the Holy Spirit to complete an assignment. We know if we’re using our gift of gab or the prophetic voice of God. 

So where did the power go? Did we share the secrets of our anointing on the lap of the wrong woman or man? Did we allow people to persuade us to do wrong? Are we offering defiled sacrifices and disobedience to God? Have we taken something for ourselves that doesn’t belong to us or that God told us to leave alone? or gained filthy lucre but tried to give it to God in tithes and offering? Are we living in perpetual sin? Do we have unforgiveness in our hearts? Do we have bitterness in our hearts? Are we engaged in sexual immorality in any form? If you’re not sure, ask Holy Spirit to reveal to you what caused you to lose your power. We need to find out because without the power of the Holy Spirit our work and labor is in vain; ineffective and well…powerless. Dr.J.

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