“Kingdom Marriage Takeover” by Dr.J.

I was driving and God gave me a vision of hundreds of thousands of kingdom married couples converging at a single point. The point seemed like a stadium sized auditorium. The couples were learning warfare strategies for preserving kingdom marriages and perpetuating the kingdom of God. My Jesus! I have chill bumps. 

The couples were trained by powerful five-fold ministry leaders who specialize in spiritual military combat. When the couples implemented the military warfare tactics as well as trained other couples operating in every walk of life, millions of marriages were saved. Every couple had a platform. Positive marriage pictures and videos with military tactics being taught all over the world saturated the Internet. Kingdom marriages took over social media, churches, communities, jobs, the world. Every post was a message to teach that the “kingdom of heaven is at hand.” The marriage in and of itself acted as salt and light to win souls for Christ. 

Men and women were freed from the spirit of homosexuality, adultery, and lust because every married couple refused to compromise their kingdom marriage and there was no one with whom indiscretions could take place. More kingdom marriages would take place because millions were free from the spirit of homosexuality and adultery and lust and pornography and every manner of sexual immorality. 

Because of the revival in kingdom marriages, children and entire families turned from sin and were saved. As a result of the awakening in kingdom marriages, schools, government, churches, and all other institutions were transformed. 

If you’re up now and if you’re fasting in this upcoming season, I’m compelling you to go hard for kingdom marriages. I’m even praying for heterosexual marriages that came together wrongfully to get a grace reprieve and a covering from God (There will still be consequences any time we disobey the voice and instructions of God). There is a sense of urgency. What a vision! Thank You Holy Spirit. Kingdom married spouses, are you maximizing your kingdom authority? My God look at what will happen when you do. Dr.J. 

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