“You Can’t Quit” by Dr.J. POST 12

Someone was thinking about quitting, falling off this fast. Holy Spirit just said, “You can’t quit.” And stop trying to cut corners… Think about all the things you’ve struggled through in 2016. Remember all the prayer requests. Remember the issues with your spouse. Remember the struggle in your finances. Remember the health issues. Remember the children’s struggles. Remember the job issues. Remember the strategic attacks against you.
See, a fast is a sacrifice. So in a fast, you have to S A C F R I F I C E. This is how it always happens. The enemy comes in like a flood the week before the fast begins. You’ve thought of every excuse this week about why you CANNOT do the fast now. Those thoughts didn’t come from YOU. That “lack of faith” seed was planted by Satan to keep you from your spiritual blessings. Think of every EXCUSE the devil gave you about why you can’t fast and ask yourself, “Is God worthy of my SACRIFICE?” I mean, can’t you inconvenience yourSELF for ONLY 21-days of this entire 365 days of the 2017 year? Come on now people of God…We can’t afford to quit after all the hell we’ve been through. We NEED to exercise this spiritual discipline. We NEED to have faith that we can do it. We NEED to stay committed to what we committed ourselves for God. We NEED this spiritual blessing. Dr.J. #2017FastAwakening”

“World-Wide Prayer for Marriage” by Dr.J.

There are only a FEW spiritual initiatives that I really push. This one is one of them. I need for you to share this (even privately via inbox) with everyone you know. You can even “tag” every married person you know. Holy Spirit put this on my heart and there is a SEVERE spiritual need for it. Go in your phone’s calendar and set a reminder now entitled “World-Wide Prayer for Marriage” for tomorrow, January 1, 2017 at 6:00 EST (please align your time with EST so we can all pray at the same time!). This “World-Wide Prayer for Marriage” initiative will be launched as led by Holy Spirit. My biggest area of ministry has been for “marriages” (how ironic) more than any other area because of the unprecedented attacks in this area. The prayers of the righteous availeth much. I believe it with everything in me that if everyone of you prays with me about these things concerning marriage, there will be a world-wide breakthrough in God’s marriages.


I’m compelling you to intercede with me. Make THIS go viral. Reblog this post and share it please. Dr.J.

“Is It Really Your Year?” by Dr.J. 

The devil just said, “You’ve been claiming it’s your year for six years.”

Let me tell you how the spiritual realm works. You’ve prayed and fasted and walked in obedience for six years. Each year really was your year. How? Because God said, “Yes” and started working on your behalf in the spiritual realm the first year you professed it. He was orchestrating events and encounters. He was setting up meetings for you. He was arranging the economy. He was causing things to work together. God had a set time, an appointed time for the blessing to manifest. Every year, every obstacle, every blessing, every situation, every person who came and left or came and stayed, and every circumstance was moving you forward to manifestation. Don’t let the devil trick you. It has been your year every year that you claimed it because God has been working and blessing you behind the scenes. It is time for manifestation now. Dr.J. 

“Wash Off Your Ashes” by Dr.J. 

Unless Holy Spirit Himself told you to tear your clothes and put on sackcloths and ashes, you don’t have to “look like” the season you’re in. Your testimony may be, “Even though something died in my life this season, God is still prospering me. I’m going to worship God any way!” You’re smiling and dressed up because you know that your next baby is about to be birthed. Now everyone won’t understand how you look so good during this season. They will say you’re pretending to be someone you’re not. But keep smiling. Keep looking good. Keep anointing and lotioning yourself. You don’t have to look like death because you’ve experienced it. You know that there is life after death. Dr.J. 

2 Samuel 12:19-20 “When David saw his servants whispering, he knew that the baby was dead. So he asked them, ‘Is the baby dead?’ They answered, ‘Yes, he is dead.’ Then David got up from the floor, washed himself, put lotions on, and changed his clothes. Then he went into the Lord’s house to worship. After that, he went home and asked for something to eat. His servants gave him some food, and he ate.” 

“Forget Those Things that are Behind You” Dr.J.

I refuse to keep looking back at those things that are behind me. The year is almost at an end. Do we have regrets? Absolutely. Have we messed up? Royally. Have we said and done hurtful things about and to others? Yes! Did we continue to sin and fall short of the glory of God? Too many times to count. Did we miss God and hook up with the wrong people? Countless times. But God! We made it through. We will not live in regret. We will not continue to condemn ourselves. The goal for us is the kingdom of heaven. What do we do between now and the return of Jesus Christ? Preach that the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Be the salt of the earth and the light of the world. Keep pressing in the presence of God. Look back right now, one more time, just to say goodbye to the things that are behind you. We’re moving forward in the things of God and the things and people He has for us. Believe it. Something and someone new is on the horizon. Dr.J. 

“Leave That Marriage Alone!” Dr.J.

Leave that married man and married woman alone. For those of us who have been used by Satan to sabotage marriages through our sensual desires for what belongs to someone else, there will be consequences and repercussions. If we would leave them alone, married people wouldn’t have anyone to be tempted by or with whom they can go astray or anyone to cheat with. If we said, “No!” when a married person approached us, he could learn to be content in his current circumstances. Believe me when I tell you, no good will come of tampering in an institution that God created and ordained. We won’t be blessed by it or from it. And if you so happened to “take someone” from someone else, repent and prepare for your own kind of ugly battles. God is not mocked. Whatever a woman sows, that will she also reap. Focus on God until He sends you your own. Leave that marriage alone. Dr.J.