“Wake Up” by Dr.J.

Wake up. Spiritually. We have to let go of this world that is not even our home. Some of us are clinging to the things of this world – dishonesty and deception, money, houses, cars, sexual immorality (sex outside of marriage -fornication, adultery, homosexuality), drunkenness, idolatry (jobs, careers, education, social organizations, relationships, even marriage) – holding on to it with tightly clenched fists. Let go.

Let go of the things of this world. Set your minds on heavenly things. We can’t continue to straddle the fence – one leg in the world and the other in heaven. Make the things of God your priority starting today. There is an eternal home awaiting us. Set your minds on that heavenly home. Please do it now. Wake up Jews and Gentiles. Wake up people of God. Wake up unbelievers.Dr.J. 

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