“Let ‘Em Go!” by Dr.J. 

Some of us are trying to force relationships that God didn’t ordain or that He orchestrated just for a season. Is the season over? “If it don’t fit, don’t force it.” You’re playing tug of war with your spirit and your flesh. We can love others without being in relationship with them. We are trying to force spiritually dangerous relationships. Holy Spirit said to “let it go.” You may be headed in different directions. You may have different perspectives. There is just something about you they just can’t accept. You feel the need to prove yourself and justify who you are. Subliminal remarks are made about you but you still try to pry your way into their hearts. 

Ultimately, if your spirits don’t agree, it is unsafe for you to stay in relationship. They will be a hindrance to your next spiritual level. Pray. God will direct your path and give you a way of escape. If God says let it go, listen. Dr.J. 

3 thoughts on ““Let ‘Em Go!” by Dr.J. ”

  1. This was right on time. I’m struggling with a new friend who insists and persists being in my life but on his terms, not mine. I’ve said over and over again that what I want and deserve is Kingdom, nothing less and if he can’t respect that then I’m sorry. He says he understands but his actions and words don’t agree. He’s a nice person and a good father to his kids but I don’t think he understands the walk I’ve chosen to take with the Lord. Sad.


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