“Church, It’s Time for a Wrinkle and Spot Check” by Dr.J.

I don’t think we need to wait for Jesus to come back to assess, spot check, and judge the church. In education we call it “progress monitoring.” Where are our status check ups as a church? It can’t be in counting fruit because fruit can be deceiving, subjective, or just plain bad. Yes, Jesus will look at us as individuals because the people make up the church. But I can’t help but think that because in Revelation, Jesus addressed seven specific churches and each one of them had issues that He will look at individual churches. What if we used their judgment (or warning, assessment, feedback) as a basis for our own church-evaluation?
1) Have we forsaken our first love? Provide evidence that we haven’t.
2) Will we be prepared to suffer the tests and trials that the devil is about to forge against us? Provide evidence that the church has been prepared.
3) Do we need to repent? Provide supporting evidence that we don’t.
4) Is there a Jezebel spirit (male or female) in the church? Administer a false prophet/prophetess survey and provide supporting evidence that the spirit has been cast out.
5) Is the church “awake” according to the Spirit’s standards? Do not use the knowledge and status of the man and woman of God in position and not the knowledge of the people; not based on works; not based on membership; and not the reputation of the church. God is looking for something else. What is it and do you have it?
6) Have we kept His Word and endured patiently as a church? Provide artifacts and evidence you have. And my, my, my. I think this is where churches had better focus its strategic plans….
7) Are you lukewarm in your faith? Do you take a blatant stand on sin? Are you allowing even the appearance of sin in the church? Music worldly? Dances worldly? Worship questionable or sacred? Defiling temples with worldly rituals? False doctrine?

Let’s do a wrinkle and spot check. Let’s have courageous conversations. Let’s not skirt around the issues of sin. Let kill the spirit of offense and wake up! It’s time church. He is judging us first (see 1 Peter 4:17). Monitor your progress using the Spirit of God and not your ego…Dr.J.


“The Sexually Immoral Will Not See Jesus” by Dr.J.

Sexual immorality is one of the sins in the list of sins that is one of the most prevalent sins on earth. It is a sin that makes almost every sin list in the Bible. It is also one that God says will prevent us from going to heaven. Do you think for one second that the devil hasn’t made this sin and the spirits associated with it some of the most powerful temptations? Yield not to temptation. Burning in hell should not be a option for you.

Sexual immorality includes any unlawful sex, sex not ordained by God, sex that is not covenant sex: fornication, adultery (sex with someone’s spouse), homosexuality (sex with same sex), masturbation (sex between yourself and evil spirits you conjure up or you masturbating another person), pornography (using graphic images to have sex in your mind or to masturbate), beastiality (sex with animals), perversion (incest- sex with family members or objects or any other perversion), orgies (group sex), oral sex, anal sex, animalistic sex, etc.

God hates sexual immorality. We will go to hell if we continue in this sin. Through Jesus Christ we can be delivered by grace. But we absolutely cannot continue to sin and be considered a child of God (Read I John Chapter 3).

God help us to get untangled from the devil’s web of disgusting sexual sin. He uses every scheme, tactic, and sensory image to entice and entangle us. We can’t turn on the television or radio or computer without images of sin. The spirits begin to attack our children at young ages and some of our children get these spirits in the birth canal being passed down from spirits in us. Lord we want to be delivered now in Jesus’s name. Dr.J. #sex #sexualimmorality #sin #hell #heaven #jesus #god #jesuschrist #holyspirit #spirit #evil #evilspirits #devil

Settle Down Sunday: “You Are About to Give Birth” by Dr.J.

WATCH THE LIVE VIDEO LESSON: “You Are About To Give Birth!” Judges 13:3-4 “You Are About to Give Birth” Video Lesson

This is a week of thanksgiving! Be thankful especially that God is getting ready to birth our assignments of purpose THIS SEASON.

Settle Down Sunday and complete this Spiritual Survey
1.Sometimes before we enter the season of blessedness, we have to experience a season of barrenness. We go through barren seasons for different reasons specific to our personal spiritual journeys. This week, as you make your requests to God with thanksgiving, ask God to reveal to you any sin that you have in your life that could be causing this drought in your life. Remind God of the vision that He gave you. Remind Him of the promises He gave you after your last fast. But be still and listen for His voice.
2. Take your eyes off her seed. God wants to bless us this season. He wants to manifest the fruit of our seed. But He wants us to take our eyes off the seeds of others and keep our eyes on Him and His promises. We don’t know her journey. We haven’t been through what he has gone through. FOCUS ON GOD. Pray, fast, seek God and have faith. How will you strategically focus on God just to develop your relationship with Him? How will you seek God for your seed? When you give birth, will you dedicate your assignment to God or will it be for selfish gain?
3. The devil wants you to terminate the birth of your purpose; deliver the birth of your assignment prematurely; or give birth to a lifeless assignment detached from the spirit of God. How will you strategically fight the devil for what’s rightfully yours?
4. Your womb as to be conducive for holding the seed of God’s promises. Have you consecrated yourself? Have you given up wine or any other fermented drink? Have you given up smoking everything that will contaminate the seed? Are you engaged in sexual immorality (the sexually immoral will not make it to heaven)? There are some things that you will have to give up THIS SEASON in order to carry the birth of your assignment from GOD. What do you know in your heart that you need to give up to prepare for birth?

Your seed is protected. If Holy Spirit has revealed to you a coming birth, if God has sent you a spiritual messenger to pronounce the news of your birth then it shall come to pass. Go ahead and give God thanks in advance this week. I don’t care what it looks like. Stop professing, “I’m too old now. It’s too late for me now. Maybe the vision was really an illusion. It’s never going to happen for me.” The devil is a liar. Declare and decree a thing that will be established in your life. “I am about to give birth.” I love you! Dr.J.

“She’s Too Spiritual For Me!” by Dr.J.

If you find yourself thinking someone who is “super spiritual” is “doing the most,” please don’t take that spirit in “you” lightly. I asked God why was I feeling that way before when someone was trying to teach me about the mysteries of His Word. God showed me that it was a spirit of rebellion and stubbornness. God purged me immediately when I repented.

It is our worldly effort to cling to the world when we don’t want to receive something from the spirit of God. Essentially, what we’re saying is “we’re not ready for all that spiritual stuff right now.” We’re saying, “all that spiritual stuff isn’t necessary.” We’re saying “we need to ‘keep it real’ so people can relate.” We’re saying, “we don’t want to be ‘that’ holy.” Please listen. You are being deceived by the devil. To reject the Spirit of God, to reject holiness is sin and rebellion and witchcraft. To adulterate the Word of God to make it less holy is sin. 
We can never have TOO MUCH of the Spirit of God. I’m not talking about being sanctimonious or religious or like the Pharisees. I’m talking about following the example of Jesus Christ in all we do or say or think. Everything Jesus taught us was from God. Jesus said for us to follow His instructions. The world (Luciferian spirit) taught us to put a spin on the Word so people can “relate” to what we’re saying. Come on now! Speak the unadulterated truth in a relatable way but we are to never omit the Word or water it down so that people can “relate.” Think about our people, our ancestors the Hebrews/Jews/Israelites and how they stayed in trouble for mixing worldly principles with the instructions of God. IDOLATRY. REBELLIOUSNESS. It is a spirit.
There is TOO MUCH sin and deception and seduction by the enemy. Look at this world. We need all the Holy Spirit and spirituality we can get. Pay attention to what your spirit rejects. If your spirit rejects what is spiritual, holy, and right you have a spirit of rebellion and stubbornness which is witchcraft. 
Open your hearts and minds to hear what the spirit is trying to teach you now. There will be a great falling away of those who are deceived. It is the spirit of rebellion that makes us susceptible to the devil’s deception. Stop fighting to hold on to this world. It’s time to go all out and all in for the kingdom. Ask yourself, “Why wouldn’t I want to be all holy, when God Himself instructed me to be holy because He is holy.” There is no such thing as too much holiness. Listen. Dr.J. 
1 Samuel 15:23 “For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from being king.”

“Don’t Put JuJu on Anything” by Dr.J.

Be careful what you’re listening to (and allowing your children to listen to), singing about and invoking and giving power in your life. Putting “juju on that beat” is putting witchcraft on the beat. It is satanic. Witchcraft is the rejection of the Word of God (Jezebel spirit). “The Bible has a lot to say about witchcraft. Witchcraft and its many cousins, such as fortune-telling and necromancy (‘the practice of talking to the spirits of dead people; the use of magic powers especially for evil purposes’) are Satan’s counterfeits to holy spirituality. The Bible expressly condemns all forms of witchcraft” (Gotquestions.org). 

Witchcraft is one of the sins that prevents us from inheriting the kingdom of heaven. We must wake up now people of God. God remove the blinders from our eyes right now in Jesus’s name. Dr.J.

Galatians 5:19-21 “Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are [these]; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told [you] in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.”

1 Samuel 15:23 “For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from being king.”

“Wake Up” by Dr.J.

Wake up. Spiritually. We have to let go of this world that is not even our home. Some of us are clinging to the things of this world – dishonesty and deception, money, houses, cars, sexual immorality (sex outside of marriage -fornication, adultery, homosexuality), drunkenness, idolatry (jobs, careers, education, social organizations, relationships, even marriage) – holding on to it with tightly clenched fists. Let go.

Let go of the things of this world. Set your minds on heavenly things. We can’t continue to straddle the fence – one leg in the world and the other in heaven. Make the things of God your priority starting today. There is an eternal home awaiting us. Set your minds on that heavenly home. Please do it now. Wake up Jews and Gentiles. Wake up people of God. Wake up unbelievers.Dr.J. 

“Unraveling” by Dr.J.

Do things feel like they are unraveling in your life? They are. They have to. This is the season of exposure. God is exposing every demon in your life, every natural enemy being used by the enemy, and every sin in your life that needs to be purged. Let things unravel so God can put you back together again. With the rebirth, resetting, and resurrection God is orchestrating in your life, your latter seasons will never ever be like the former. Don’t be anxious. Don’t fear the enemy warring against you. And don’t try to hold on to anything or anyone who God has undone and exposed. When things are exposed, ask God, “Now what’s next?” Rebirth. Reset. Resurrect. Dr.J.