“Don’t Come Out of the Closet” by Dr.J.

If you are off from work or have a break today, it’s time to go in the prayer closet. 

Pray for the loss of lives in Haiti 🇭🇹 and the devastation they are suffering. 

Pray for the infrastructure (governmental, political, and religious) in 🇭🇹 (and the 🇺🇸 for that matter) that God will raise up leaders after His own heart. That traces of voodoo, witchcraft, pagan worship, idolatry and any other anti Christ religions are demolished in Jesus’s name. 

Pray for the evacuees that have been dislocated and separated from their homes all over the world. 

Pray for deliverance from the oppressor. He is trying to annihilate an entire race of people. Cancel every assignment and attack in Jesus’s name. 

Pray for spiritual awakening and world wide revival. Pray for believers to leave the four walls of the church to win souls before it’s too late. There are over 100 million unchurched unbelievers in America. 

Jesus is the only way to the Father. Pray for a sense of urgency to preach to unbelievers. Pray for the strategic plan for reaching the unreached. 

Pray for the farce of a government and political campaign in America that the people of God won’t be deceived. 

  • That we recognize the sovereignty of God in all things. 
  • That the devil’s schemes aren’t a surprise to us. 

Thank God that we are still alive and have a chance to get right NOW before it’s too late. Go in the prayer closet today with me. The world needs your light. Dr.J. 

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