“Why Am I Still Single? Wrong Motives” by Dr.J.

“Why do I want a mate?” We have to ask ourselves that question and then ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the motives in our hearts. 

Kingdom marriages (God ordained the marriages for the upbuilding of the kingdom of heaven.) are for the purpose of ministry. So if you’re a believer, you have a greater mission besides fulfilling a desire for companionship. When God connects us with our mates, it is for His ministry and our personal ministry with our families. If we aren’t faithful to His ministry as a single, we won’t just automatically become faithful when we get married. So what do we want a mate for? Are the motives selfish? For sex? For show? For help with finances? Just because we’re lonely? Survey our homes, our finances, our spiritual lives. Do we take care of our business now? Our children now? We have to let the Holy Spirit work on us now. Marriage is a serious ministry and if we want it for the wrong motives, it can end in disaster. We need to be built up in the Lord and so does our mate to be able to handle the attacks that come against marriage because oh Satan is coming. Do a motive check and let God fix the quarrels we’re having on the inside for things we don’t have. Then He can prepare our hearts for a mate. Remember, heaven is the goal through Jesus Christ. Dr.J. 

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